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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More on that...

As I ended Sunday's blog, I had hoped to write a great post yesterday about why on earth I sucked so bad at the Baltimore Half... you remember that post HERE, right?

Besides the normal excuses (lack of sleep, not enough fuel, hilly course)... I believe the main reason was my GBA 20.5 miler the Saturday before. Remember the one at a 9:05 pace HERE. The one that I rocked? The one that I was really feeling all GBA.... until my body was sore ALL WEEK LONG. Seriously, every run last week... my legs were tight. I never felt like I got my groove. I was just getting the miles in according to my MTP (I have been using Hal Higdon's MTP Intermediate II).

And Hal's plan DOES have a Half marathon race built in... yeah... that was where my problem was... oops! According to the plan, you should run a Half Marathon race at week #9, before your two 20 milers... NOT in week 14. I mean the plan called for a 12 mile run... who cares that it was 13.1? Who cares that I scheduled to run a pretty hilly Half Marathon race instead?

Well, apparently my legs care... and my glutes. Yes. I am on Day #3 of resting... not running. Eeeeek! It is killing me, but I know I ran a lot of the course in pain on Saturday. My legs are super tight. I checked into getting a massage, but hubs limited my budget to $50... and what really can you get for $50 in the DC area? Umm... not a massage at the kind of establishment that you frequent during the day (if you catch my drift).

So I have been "sticking" and "rolling" the my legs. Forcing my kids into slave labor by making them stick my "glutes" since I cannot really do it right. There may have been promises of chocolate chip cookies and money involved... but my mouth is shut and their minds have been permanently damaged.

Brock said to me: "Why do your legs hurt so bad when you *only* ran 13... I mean last week you ran 20 and I don't know anybody who runs 20 miles."

Yeah, I am pretty GBA to him... and I LOVE it.

I said, "Well, mommy didn't listen to her body. I didn't follow my plan. I didn't listen to TG when he said I was over training. I thought I would be okay... but I wasn't."

He said, "Well, I think you need to take two of these (holding up my legs) and give them a break!"

So, I am following my almost 7 year old's advice. After all, I do have high hopes for him... Doctor, Lawyer, Minister... but most of all a RUNNER!