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Monday, October 10, 2011

20.5 miles - DONE!

Saturday... I DID decide to get up and run before my husband's meeting (which turns out I had to go to too, but I will tell you about *that* later). I wasn't planning on running early, but with a sequence of events on Friday evening... I decided, yes.. nothing was stopping me from getting up early.

At 4:23am, with a semi-restful night sleep I awoke before my alarm due to Gabbi's need to pee. In case you forgot, Gabbi is our new "puppy"... and no matter how many times she pees and poops before bedtime, she ALWAYS feels the need to get up around 4:15 to go to the bathroom. And yes, she does go... like 99.9% of the time or else we would have had serious words by now.

Anywho... I grabbed my stuff before leaving the bedroom and decided, now was as good of time as any to get started. And for the record, my iPod touch is STILL not responding to touch (BOO) and despite syncing Kiera's Nano all night (it did charge though), it did not copy any more songs over... so I set out with only 18 songs. I *knew* I would not be using the Nano for much of the run since half would be in the dark (and I just don't play that way).

It was a cool morning... skirted with a two long sleeve shirts on (one was practically invisible so I needed the other one to keep me warm until at least the sun came up) and I never even shed one of them and knee high socks... pink to be precise.

I decided to try and aim for 9:15 min miles... to see if I could maintain that for 20 miles. It was very creepy in the dark. Some of the trail has no lighting (actually I was writing letters to the county in my head as I was trying to make sure I had proper footing) and I had to depend on cars driving by to make sure I didn't trip.

For the first ten, I felt great. I decided to break the run up into 5 mile segments to only focus on those 5 miles. I enjoyed the first 5. Actually, they flew by. My pace was slightly faster than I had expected, but I felt it would even out on the back stretch... most were around 8:30, one at 8:15. The second 5 were harder. I kept imagining myself quitting. Yeah, it was tough. I finally passed one other runner around mile 8 and it lifted my spirits... although she did not even smile. (Boooo to unfriendliness on the trail.).

The Millennium Trail is exactly 11.8 miles from my house and during the 2nd 5 mile segment, I had talked myself into quitting as I neared my house. TONS of excuses ran through my head. By the time I got to mile 10, I decided the ONLY way I wasn't going to quit as I passed my house was to turn around and run the 10 I had just ran backwards. The sun had come up... and despite NOT wanting to continue, I *knew* if I passed my house, I would stop. I decided to use the headphones for the 2nd 10 miles.

The 3rd 5 mile segment FLEW by. I was jamming, smiling as the songs came on and I felt alive. This part of the 20 miles was my fastest... I think the music really pumped me up and actually made me think that I might want to wear headphones for the Half this Saturday to see if it helps me with the mind games.

The 4th 5 mile segment was hilly and started to push me down. Literally, up one hill I felt like I was walking. I looked and my pace was like 10:41... yeah, I practically was. I decided just use my arms and get up that hill that lasted forever. I did it and had a nice down hill before another gradual incline. I KNEW that if I could just get up that one, I was set. 18.3 miles and I was DONE... and then suddenly a GREAT song was playing, and I knew that I was nearing my house, I would make it home in time for the meeting... I knew I had beaten the 20 miles. 20.5 miles in 3:06 (I think a 9:05 average).

I raced in, FB'd about the run and washed my face, changed my shirt and headed to the church meeting. I did not even have time to change... well, maybe if I had not FB'd. ;-) Sitting at the meeting was AWFUL on my legs. My body was seizing. I had the chills, the kids were needy... I could NOT get out of there fast enough. The rest of the day I felt great.... as long as I kept moving. When I stopped, my legs ached. I just kept moving... and when Brock asked to ride bikes... I did. 7.5 miles... albeit very slow.

I noticed a little pain in my neck as I was running, but nothing severe. As the day progressed, I had a "knot" appear. It only hurts if I touch it, but it is weird. Thoughts? It isn't a bug bite, it is right along my spine. Again... it only hurts when I touch it... (so don't touch it right?).


Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Amazing that you got up that early, by yourself and ran 20+ miles! I wish I had that drive.

The bump. Odd. It look big! Praying that it's simply a insect bite.

Zaneta said...

GREAT run!!
Yikes, that looks painful! I have no clue what it could be... maybe an infected pimple? Sometimes I get those where my bra straps rub my shoulders... they get huge and painful...

Rose (Hacker Half Marathon) said...

Awesome job on your 20 miler - I'm totally the same way about passing my house, I have to avoid it so I don't stop. Congrats!

Pam said...

Holy crap that's an awesome 20-miler! Congratulations!

I will most definitely be in touch with you before Richmond. I'll be with my friend and her son, but surely we can manage at least a quick HI! :D

kimert said...

Yay for a fabulous run!!!!

April said...

Great job! I am the same way about passing my house when I run. I have to plan my long runs as out and backs so that I am nowhere near my house!lol!
I would def keep an eye on that bump...does it feel like it could be muscular?

Tricia said...

great job on the run!

Jill said...

Wow, that's a fantastic long run, nice job!!! YAY!! :)