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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A PR (just barely)

Today, I had ran my 2nd Half Marathon in Baltimore, MD.

There were many FAILS today. I had a nice and normal dinner. I went to bed fairly early, but was awakened by Brock at 3am, Lyle's alarm went off at 4am (he set it when he went to bed and forgot it was Friday), Kiera woke me up at 5am, and the puppy woke me back up at 5:15... UGH. NOT rested at all.

Made it to the race and realized that I had left my fuel in the car. :-( Walked around to see if I could find some fuel... and TG offered me one of his. Found some friends and chatted waiting for the race to start. I did not like waiting an hour and half after the marathon start to begin the half marathon. Walked with TG to the start and found Tonia (pink hair made her easy to find). We were off and immediately, I felt hot. Our Garmins were off due to the buildings and my legs felt incredible tight. Said goodbye to TG around mile 2, and struggled. Mind games did not work. Music did not work. And the HILLS... were bad. By mile 5, my glute was hurting. I saw TG around mile 6.5 and he had already done a major loop. He looked strong.

After mile 7, I walked every hill. I slowly saw my sub 2 hour PR slip away. I got frustrated. I got angry (apparently NOT angry enough).

I finished... just barely... 2:13. Better than 2:20... but YUCK! How on earth did I run 20.5 miles last Saturday on a semi-hilly course at 9:05 pace, and 9:58 pace for this half? More on that tomorrow.

As for my goals:

 1. Try not to Suck. - FAIL - I sucked pretty badly.

 2. Purge all negative thoughts from my head. - Yeah, I remember this at mile 11.65. :-(

 3. Run MY race. - Well, I didn't run TG or T's race, I lost them before mile 3.

 4. Remember after mile 7, it is all downhill. - FAIL - the elevation chart was sooo off.

 5. Enjoy the crowds. - I did enjoy the crowds, this is a well supported race.

 6. Listen to my body - I did LISTEN, maybe too much.

 7. Enjoy the time I am running with friends. - I did enjoy waiting for the race to start.

 8. Give it enough so that I am not second guessing myself after. - Yeah.. FAIL!

 9. Sub 2 hour time. - FAIL!

10. 25 minute PR. - FAIL - 7 minute PR


Stacy said...

I'm sorry you didn't have the race you wanted and worked so hard to have. You encountered a LOT of negative factors, yet managed to finish the race and set a PR. It probably doesn't help you feel any better, but reading your blog is an encouragement to me. :)

BigHappyFamily said...

I ran yesterday too. Enjoy the crowds, don't worry about your time. Could the difference in your 20 miler last week, and the race have been the congested race course or the winds?

Pam said...

Some days, my dear, are just not our days. Yesterday was not yours. So sorry you had a disappointing race. :(

Carrie said...

I'm sorry the race didn't turn out the way you wanted it to. You were definitely prepared; sometimes things are out of our control. Do you think you were tired from last week's 20 miler?

But a PR is a PR, so be proud of that. I know WE'RE all proud of YOU! Racing a half is no joke!

Jill said...

I know it sucks, I've been there so many times, but embrace the PR and take the lessons learned during htis race with you for the next and you will ROCK it!! :)

Sarah Grecco said...

I'm from Virginia! Baltimore is such a great area! Lots to do.

Sorry your race wasn't what you happens sometimes....I hope you you are able to see the positive.

Get Up & Go

Old Runningfox. said...

You might not have got the result YOU wanted but, sat here nursing a cracked rib, I'm still envious of your noteworthy achievement. It's all relative - as they say.
Well done is what I say!

kimert said...

I am sorry your race didn't go as YOU wanted it but I think a new PR (and under 2:20) is kickin' a$$!!! Congrats on a finish!! :)

Anonymous said...

A PR is a PR!!! be proud! Bmore is NOT easy and the wind didn't help. You still ran a great race!