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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

May Recap and a 5k w/out a PR

May Recap:

Where did May go? I must have "ran" right through it.... ha! Here are my stats for May:

Miles: 153 miles for the month of MAY

Posted Goals for May:
  1. Get at least 40 miles per week (current average 36) -NOT DONE - did have 1 week with 43
  2. Get my long runs to 14 miles (currently 12) - Up to 13.5 - NOT DONE
  3. Finish P90X  - DONE!
  4. Try running early morning (at least once) - need to get reflective gear - NOT DONE
Posted Races for May:
  1. Tall Moms Virtual 5k - 5/5 click HERE for the Race Report - PR 26:23 
  2. Germantown 5 miler - 5/15 click HERE for Race Report - PR 45:58
  3. Rock Your Socks Virtual 1/2 marathon - click HERE for Race Report - PR 2:18:52
  4. Jeremy's Run 5k - 5/31  - no PR (29:52) race report below
5k without a PR:

Monday was Jeremy's Run a 5k race. I signed up for the 5k race and my family and friend signed up for the 5k walk. It was a very hilly course, but I had hoped to PR... I did not. But it was a learning race for me.

I always get nervous for races, even a silly 'ole 5k. I woke up around 4am and could not get the race out of my head. I feared that my calf would bother me. I feared that I would be last. I feared that it would be too hilly. I feared that I would not get a PR.

What is that saying, "Self fulfilling prophesy"? I guess I can only give myself credit for how the race went down.

There were several hundred runners and walkers at the race and it was HOT. The race did not start until a little after 8:30 and it was almost 80 degrees by then. I did not wear my water belt because it was only a 5k and there was a water stop. BIG MISTAKE. I was so hot that by the time I hit the 2 mile water station, I just through it on my body.

The first part of the race was slightly downhill. I enjoyed that part and my mile 1 time was 7:35 - way to fast. I caught up with my awesome personal trainer from the gym, Benny Dorsey and we ran the next mile together. It was really had to run with her and I think it was the beginning of my decline. Mile 2 was 8:45. By the time I saw the HUGE winding hill, the first runners were already race back towards the finish line. This defeated me in a sense. It should not have since the winner's average mile time was like 5:14. Never will I run that fast.

The hills were ALL in the sun and it was hot. At the turn around point I was still with Benny, but feared that I was starting to get fatigued from the sun. I was kicking myself for not wearing my water belt. I was mad that I had started off too fast. I was DEFEATED mentally.

The next hill I did the unthinkable... I WALKED. (I know gasp, right?) I haven't walked in a race for over a year and this was only a 5k. I needed to give my body a break. Benny went on along and I wasn't even walking fast. The only thing that got me back to running was spotting my kids up ahead. I wanted to put on a strong front for them. I ran past them... here is that picture. I'm in the pink top and that is my daughter Kiera waving to me as I approached her. What an awesome pick me up.

As I passed them, I tried to maintain my momentum, but it was difficult. I was just too hot. This is a picture of me passing them. Look at my posture.... awful (mental note: posture needs to be one of my June goals). I did manage to force a smile (I was happy to see them), but I knew my PR was out the window.

I chugged along as other runners past me until the next hill. I just could not do it. I walked again. I think after walking the first hill, it enabled me to walk again. I never should have walked, I should have just slowed my pace. Lesson learned.

Mile 3 was painful in the sense that I was so mentally defeated. I ran and walked at my leisure completely forgetting about this being a race. I started to think my family would catch me... which was literally impossible, but that was where my mind was at this point in the race. Benny was completely out of sight. The last mile was up hill in the sun. Did I mention I was mentally defeated?

Finally, the last hill before finish. I set a goal to walk up half and then run the rest to the finish. I did this... but I was too afraid to look at the clock. I did manage to cheer a man in as I was passing him, "Come on, you can do it... don't let some chic (me) beat you!" And he sprinted past me and was thrilled he beat me. I was too and he actually gave me a hug for motivating him - a nice sweaty, runners hug!

Here is me right after I finished. Time: 29:52 (3 minutes slower than my PR). I quickly took my race chip off. Grabbed a bottle of water and poured it all over my body. And grabbed another to actually drink. I drank 1/2 of it in one gulp and poured the rest on my body. I started running back on the course to go find my family. As I passed runners and walkers, I offered cheers. Hopefully, they were supportive. Then I realized that since I was "re-running" the course, that I was bringing people down. I got several, "Oh, you need to run it again?" Or "Wasn't the 5k enough for you?" I quickly responded, "I am trying to find my children who are walking with my husband." This made me feel so bad. I wasn't trying to show any one up.

I finally found my kids and was thrilled. They were exhausted, hot and happy to see me. Brock even ran up to me to give me a hug. I poured some water on them and we  They were leisurely walking and I kind of forced them to pick up the pace. My friend Angel was rocking and Lyle looked good too.

At some point I chose to carry each of them on my back for a couple of yards to give them a break. But they all crossed the finish line in 1 hour and 5 minutes. I was so proud of them all!

Here is all of us after the race, after refreshments. It felt good for this race to be over.

I will be post my goals for June tomorrow (this post just got so long). And I leave you with a question:
What mental tricks do you use so you do not get defeated?


momof3 said...

Oh, mental defeat is tough. One thing I do to TRY to prevent it is I decide before every 5K NOT to look at my watch at mile 2.5 of a 5K (or mile 5.5 of a 10K). I will look at my pace, but not my time. Because if my pace is on track, that's good & I will almost always kick it up anyway, but if I look a the time elapsed I spend 1/4 of a mile figuring out the splits and start to think I'm not going to "make the goal". One time doing this I completely gave up... only to realize later I could have probably made it! THE WORST FEELING EVER.
Congrats on a great month though - don't fret about the long run not being 14, honestly 13.5 on hills is the same as 14, and seriously, I've never read a blog you've written about a flat run!

Pam said...

I feel so much better reading this. The sun has been kicking my rearend lately. It's good to know that even strong runners such as yourself are affected by it too!

I also want to say a quick thank you. I don't know if you caught my blog post about my new "freedom" a few days ago or not, but I just want you to know that you're a true inspiration. Whether you know it or not--whether THEY know it or not--your readers are touched by your posts. :)

momof3 said...

Yup, and I just would like to add a "What PAM said"... I totally agree.

Marlene said...

Looks like a great month! Sounds like the 5K was tough, so CONGRATS on pulling through. Too bad about the negative comments. Some people are poor sports!


You had a super month! Congrats! I always have a hard time with the mental stuff. I have been trying not to look at my watch and just listen to my body, but sometimes, the brain takes over and it's rough. You did awesome even if it wasn't a PR!

The Happy Runner said...

Tough 5k but GREAT month!

Mark said...

Great month of May! Don't get down on yourself...each race is a great learning opp. Your first mile proves you can run a fast 5K. You hung in and built character!

ajh said...

Your month was great. Most goals were so close.

Michelle said...

Wow - I think your May way great! Way to go!

Awesome job on the 5k! Everyone has off days and with this heat!

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

153 miles in the month of May? Lady, you rock!

Lauren said...

Great mileage, great race :D Great job ;D

ShirleyPerly said...

I used to be very hard on myself when I didn't meet my goals, to the point that sometimes I'd just quit and move on to something else. But with endurance sports, it seems it's all about finding ways to keep doing things. I try to always look for the positives when things don't go as I'd like and almost always learn more from a bad race than a good race. Good job getting to the finish and to everyone in your family too!