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Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Running Partner.... ROCKS!

Picture this: Wake up at 5:35 am. Get dressed, take the dog out, grab my running gear. Give Brock some breakfast and quick instructions: "Do NOT wake up daddy and tell him that Dolce has already been fed." Walk outside at precisely 6am to have driver (running partner) pick me up and take me to the trail. 

It was awesome. Poor Bob, I am such a morning person and while he said he wasn't, he did just find entertaining my constant conversation in the car.

We hit the trail around 6:20am and proceed to begin our long run on Rock Creek Trail. It was cool (we had a big storm the night before) but the humidity was starting to work its magic. Our plan was to run to the 5 mile mark and decide if we wanted to do 10, 11, or 12 miles.

Bob is a plethora of knowledge about running. Some experience, lots of reading, and unofficial coaching. (Don't tell him, but I think I should be paying him to run with me). We started to chat about my reading "assignment" Chi Running. I had not gotten too far, but thinking about my posture and hips and arm positions was on my mind. We decided just to take it slow (between 11 and 12 minute miles). At first, we did not pass many people, but then the women started passing us (in the opposite direction). Bob noted at the 11 mile mark that we had only passed 2 men. When I run by myself, it is always men and I feel so uncomfortable thinking they each want to kill me - am I the only runner that thinks that?

As we approached mile 5 and a huge hill... I was trying to work on my posture (leaning from the ankles, standing erect... etc) instead of thinking of where I should place my feet and I think I ran up the long, winding hill on my toes. BIG MISTAKE. My left calf started to really bother me (think charlie horse) as we approached mile 6 (we decided to go for 12 by this point). I was afraid I wasn't going to make it back. Bob entertained my whining and we stopped to stretch on a bench. It felt slightly better but I was worried that running 6 more miles would severely injury me. The next mile was a little slower, but since the pain was not increasing, I decided to keep trudging ahead.

I took some energy chews at mile 5 and at mile 8. Bob was testing his body and did not take any. The miles seemed to just zoom by and at mile 11, I spotted some awesome women from my church who are training for the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk. They are awesome women training for an awesome cause! Such inspiration!!!

As we approached the 12 mile mark (actually more than 12 according my Lola) which is up a hill, Bob picked up his pace. I tried to muster energy, but just decided to keep running. He was awesome and had a strong finish.

We walked to his car and drank this protein shake that he had for us (it was yummy and refreshing) and cold sliced watermelon (see what I should be paying him to run with me). The watermelon was the BEST THING EVER after a long run. I will have to remember this in the future. According to Lola, which I forgot to start until after mile 1, we ran 12.47 in 2 hours and 23 minutes. So we actually ran more but I have no proof!

I was worried about my calf but stretched in the shower and used my STICK on the 2 hour drive to my parents to celebrate Memorial Day. It hurt all day, but this morning feels good - a little tight. I have a 5k tomorrow - Jeremy's Run and hope to get a PR.

And I end with my son's graduation picture. It was a very happy moment (think free education for next 10+ years and bus drivers instead of mommy driving) for him to graduate from preschool. In this picture from Left to Right, Marian (Lyle's mother, a.k.a Grandma), Me (I think it is a great pic of me - can I say that?), Brock (always smiling) and Lyle (not the best picture of him). We have been at Mill Creek Parish Preschool since 2005. It is a great preschool with dedicated teachers. If you live in the Rockville/Derwood/Olney/Gaitherburg area of MD, you should definitely check it out.


Claire said...

Awesome! Glad you found someone great to run with!


Sounds like a great run and awesome running partner. I love that picture of you! Looking good mama!

Angie Bishop said...

mmmmm watermelon at the end of a long run sounds awesome!! So glad you found a great running partner and you look fab in that pic!!

ajh said...

Your running partner sounds like a real find.

misszippy said...

So glad you've found a great partner--definitely makes the long miles go faster. LOVE your dress--you look great!

Michelle said...

You look great in that picture!

And, wow, on the running partner. He brings snacks, too?!?

Pam said...

YES you CAN say that! :) You look fantastic, Jen!

Btw, can I borrow your Bob?

Marlene said...

You are definitely getting spoiled! :) Great job on the run... and thanks for the watermelon tip!

Tricia said...

sounds like a great run and love the pic!

Rene' said...

i am going to cut up watermelon for my after run treat on Thursday:) and I love the dress!