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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tall Mom on the Run's 3 High Fives 5k

Today, I set out on a quest. A quest for set a new PR for a 5K and to help raise money to find a cure for Cancer... not just treatment... but a CURE!!!!

I was super stoked when Mel of Tall Mom on the Run decided to do a virtual 5K on Cinco de Mayo. I was curious about her doing it so soon after her Marathon; but since she is SUPER WOMAN and Uber-mom, I did not think about it again.

I was blessed that baby A's momma agreed to watch Brock, so I could run full force. I told her I would be back in less than 30 minutes. Here is a picture of me before I left. I tried to mimic Tall Mom's High Five Friday pic... but she is much better at it.

Was it that? You cannot see my bib? Well, here is an up close picture of it:

Why this bib? Well, let me explain. I know most of you follow Mel, but if you do not, she just completed her second marathon... Eugene in 3 hours, 37 minutes, and 06 seconds -So, I used her picture as she sprints her stuff to the finish line and used her time as my bib number!! I am so in awe of her.... seriously not stalking her... just aspire to be like her. She BQ'd with time to spare!!!

And so I was off. I really wanted to run this fast... and since Brock did not cooperate for me yesterday to get my run in, I had lots of energy. When Lola beeped after mile 1, it read: 8:14... wow! That is the fastest mile I have run in a long time. I started to wonder if I could keep that pace, but knew it was just too hot.

I kept running and had a couple of people beep their horns at me. Was it because of my AWESOME bib? Was it because I am hott? Or was it because they thought I was crazy? I think I like the first answer better. Mile 2, Lola beeped: 8:43. Okay, so I had slowed down. I was okay with that - I still was under 9 minutes. Yay, me!

Mile 3.1 was tough. I started to think about the struggles so many women face when they find out they have breast cancer. I started to wonder about my recent scare and remembered, I never shared this with you:

Two Sundays ago, while do my monthly self breast exam (DO IT EVER MONTH), I felt... a  L-U-M-P! I quickly went to my husband to see if he could feel it. Yes, he could... I wasn't crazy. My annual just happened to be that Wednesday, so I did not worry. I knew that I probably would not get an appointment earlier than that. I was not scared. Since I do my self breast examination every month, I knew that it was not there last month. Worst case scenario... it was only a month old.

At my appointment on Wednesday, my doctor confirmed that it was a lump and she was "highly" concerned. And wrote a prescription for me to get a sonogram. Of course... I had to wait until yesterday at 2:15 to find out. Long story short... it turned out to be just a "simple cyst". I was relieved. Thankful. Blessed!

But many women do not get such good news. So, as I was praising God for my good news during mile 3.1, I was praying for all of the women who would not get such good news and whose lives would change - FOREVER!

I finished the 5k in 26:23... a NEW PR!!!!

It was hot towards the end. My legs started to hurt. My breathing stunk. But none of this is compared to what women all over the world face when they hear that they have breast cancer! I ran in honor of all of the Tatas!!!!!

And to close... here is a picture of me after I finished. I told you it was hot. Again, I am posing like a dork - trying to look like Mel... but it isn't working!


Pam said...

I can't think of a single better reason to get out there and run your booty off!

Great time! Congrats on the PR! :)

Steel Springs said...

Congratulations on the PR! This is a great race report. I love the pictures.

I'm happy that the lump wasn't serious!

H Love said...

Great time! Very exciting! I love love the bib! No worries about your need to create you own right? Happy to hear the lump wasn't serious as well.

Drazil said...

You look so cute in your workout attire. Love that look!

Mark said...

Great time!! You could really set a pr under real race conditions!

Syl said...

wow great job, you were flying!

Marlene said...

Congrats on the 5K and I *love* your home-made bib!

Glad to hear the lump was nothing to worry about - thanks for the reminder to CHECK REGULARLY!

MomRunningFromCancer said...

A Mel look alike contest . . . Great idea . . . you know that might be a fun idea to host the best look like and award a prize. She is so cute.

Way to go on the run. I have been following you and that is definitely a FAST time . . . I would love to be under 9 minute miles and you are way - way under. (((Big hug))) and multiple high 5's and pat on the back.

Amanda said...

great job on the PR!!

Bethany + Ryan said...

love the bib! nice job! you seem creative...starting at the end of MAy ryan and i are going to be hosting contests and having bloggers help us plan our running-themed wedding. i hope you will give us your input! :-) nice time with the 5k too and you look great!

Erica said...

hehe cute post! you are mighty speedy!

The Happy Runner said...

Congrats on the PR and so glad it was just a simple cyst.

Running Diva Mom said...

Great job on a new PR and a really great virtual race report! You look awesome in those shorts -- I still don't have the confidence to wear anythign clingy on my bottom half!! So glad your appt went well and everythign is fine. GOOD NEWS!

momof3 said...

I was on Pins and Needles the whole time I read this!!! Whew - so glad it's "nothing" to worry about... we've lost too many great women in my family to that disease. It's one of the reasons I'm drawn to nursing.

SO...Your 5K PR and my 5K PR are only a few seconds off each other now.... I guess when I'm running for Autism in a few weeks I'll have to try to "race you".

Michelle said...

You look great! So glad that it was only a cyst! Congrats on the time You rock!

Melissa said...

GREAT time! You are too cute! Congrats!! (New to your blog via Tall Mom)

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

way to find a babysitter so you could power it out!!

glad to hear all is ok, hate those scary doctor moments

MomRunningFromCancer said...

Jen, continue to be dilligent with self exams . . . And if you find something irregular go to the doctor . . . Do not put it off.

Glad your scare . . . Turned out to be nothing serious.

lindsay said...

you are cute in your "dorky" pictures! :)

congrats on the 5k pr! great reminder about staying on top of our boobs. i'm glad everything turned out OK!

Melanie said...

Holy AMAZINGNESS!!! That bib is truly sweet and the high five pose... Hmmmm I may have to steal that idea and give you credit.

CONGRATS on the PR and even more congrats for taking the time for your health. so glad it was nothing. UGH!!

Hugs.. Race reports up soon..

Julie said...

Hi Jen,
Nice work out there running the virtual race for breast cancer:)

I am a mammo tech and can't stress enough how important it is to do the self breast exams and to go in for yearly screening mammograms:) Thank goodness the lump was just a cyst! Happy weekend!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

You are not "posing like a dork" You look great!

Wonderful time!

Thanks for sharing your story. I have my scrip for my second mamo. I have a laundry list of test to be done and I keep putting it off. I worry about taking off too much time from work (with Hubbs recent employment issues). I know that delaying is a bad option. Thanks for the reminder!!!