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Sunday, May 2, 2010

April Re-cap

I looked at my Garmin on Friday and I was shocked. It said that I had run 139.2 miles for the month. WOW!  And a couple of those days, I was on the cruise and did not run at ALL. And my weigh-in this morning was at: 139.3. (Is it a coincidence that my mileage and weight are almost the same? I hope it continues to reduce, not increase as my mileage increases!!)

I am excited about my training and I am nervous about the heat. It is hard to run with this humidity, but I have faith that my body will get used to it. I am also contemplating running in the wee hours of the morning... before the sun comes up. Not ideal... nor particularly safe, but I do not think I can manage pushing the baby and jogger in 90 degree heat with the humidity. I might try it this week and see how it feels to run at 4am. My husband gets up then and leaves by 5 to go to work. I can get at least 6 miles done in an hour. And the best thing is that I am never more than a 1/2 mile from my house if I stay in my neighborhood.. Okay, one point would be like 3/4 of a mile, but I only go down that way once.

Better yet, I have many friends in the neighborhood... so if someone stalks me, I will just run to their house. I hope they won't mind the 4 in the morning wake up call if I am in danger. Maybe I should give them a heads up first. LOL!

Goals for May:
  1. Get at least 40 miles per week (current average 36)
  2. Get my long runs to 14 miles (currently 12)
  3. Finish P90X
  4. Try running early morning (at least once) - need to get reflective gear
Races for May:
  1. Tall Moms Virtual 5k - 5/5
  2. Germantown 5 miler - 5/15
  3. Rock Your Socks Virtual 10k (or 1/2 marathon) - b/t 5/21-5/23
  4. Jeremy's Run 5k - 5/31
Have any goals that you want to share?


Ewa said...

Are you sure your scale did not read 139.2? :)
Seems you have a good plan. I used to run in very early hours in the morning and loved it. It quiet, except for the birds and I really believed all the nasty characters were sound asleep.
Running in humid and hot conditions is not fun.

Amanda said...

My goals are to get to 12 miles on my long run 2 weeks before half marathon time. I would also like it to be the first month I actually hit the needed mileage for Tall Mom's 1000+++miles :)


Congrats on an awesome month! You are awesome. You are definitely going to have an adequate base going into marathon training. Can't wait to see what you put together next month!

Barefoot AngieB said...

What a great month!! What a weird coincidence about your miles and weight!

MomRunningFromCancer said...

Great milage for the month of April. Here is hoping that your weight and milage go in opposite directions from here on out.

Although I am sidelines with a stress fracture right now - I always run in the morning. It is just so much easier in the heat to do that during the coolest part of the day. And I love to be up with the birds and sunrise. LOVE mornings.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME work...keepit up!!! YOU are rocking!!!

momof3 said...

you ROCK! I love it! I am also building to a 40 mile a week base! AND you & I WILL be racing together soon... albeit virtually, in the Rock Your Socks! Half Marathon! (or 10K).

Marlene said...

Congrats on the weight "reduction" and awesome mileage last month. You are on a roll!

Tricia said...

awesome month!

Kate said...

those are both great records! great work!
running in the morn. might be a good try. at least you'll be fresh and ready for the day - early! just take some mace with you. it's the animals i worry about, as well! (i used to run at 5am and would see foxes! but they ran away from us)

MCM Mama said...

Great job on the mileage and the weight loss! You go girl!

I'm so impressed that you are getting in close to 40 miles a week without your long runs being super long. I so have to work on that.

My month is separated into "Before Marathon" and "After Marathon" at this point LOL.

H Love said...

Wow! Look at that mileage. You have to share what a week of running looks like for you?? I have been having a tough time getting a plan. Way to go on the weight loss...wooo hoooo!!

Michelle said...

Awesome! That is so neat that your mileage and weight are almost the same - how cool is that!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

Great goals!!

Hope you got my email last week

The Happy Runner said...

Awesome April!!

Looks like you have a good May on tap :-)

Julie said...

OMG, you had a fantastic month!! Keep it up:)

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, that is certainly an interesting coincidence about the mileage and weight. And, yes, you can get used to running in 90 degs but best not to be pushing a stroller or subjecting a baby to it. Good luck with your goals in May!!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Great job on your weight and mileage! That is so crazy that those numbers lined up like that.

Getting used to the heat is always an issue. At least with the jogger we can take extra water!

p.s. - I like your inspiration!! Running is a gift! and I have NO doubt where I get it from.