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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ironman Training Day 3

I just completed my 3rd day of IM training and I am already wondering how I am going to get tomorrow's workout in.

I have been asking my husband to get a cheap TV for the basement as the trainer is too loud for the iPad and I don't want to wear headphones while riding (sort of need to hear where the kids are...). And over a year has passed and still no TV - even with all of the holiday sales. (And he said he didn't know what to get me for Christmas?) So, yesterday in preparation for today, I moved my bike from the basement to our family room, snuggled next to his computer. He didn't acknowledge it yesterday but this evening, when I hopped on for my 30 min Z2 workout during his new program of choice: Pass!Time (some weird drag racing car show), he said, "Is this going to be a regular thing?"

I wish I had thought to bring the bike up earlier! Anyway, I rode for 35 mins (the first 5 I used as a warmup) and I alternated aero and regular riding every 5 minutes. I think I am going to get "fitted" again as aero is a completely different ball game (on my lady parts).

After my ride, I quickly put the kids down and changed to cold gear and headed outside for a 15 minute which turned into 30 minutes. I KNOW. I said I wouldn't over train, but it hardly seemed worth putting my cold gear on to run for 15 minutes. I definitely ran most of it in Z2 so that was a plus. It was cold but I warmed up fast.

Tomorrow calls for 2500 swim and 30 min Z2 bike. Problem with my schedule is that Thursdays are completely crazy with both kids having basketball practice on different sides of the earth and I am the coach of Kiera's team... did I mention the pool closes at 9 and Kiera's practice is over at 8? UGH!

I contemplated a whole plan where I left them home asleep (they are of legal age to be left alone) and knocked out my swim before they woke... and having my husband call at a certain time to verify that I was home - but I am not sure I am ready for that. They were thrilled. Maybe in a few years. AHHHHH!

How do you work around your children's schedule to get your workout in?


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