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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

IMLP Training Week 1 - Check!

IMLP Training Day 5 - Run 30 min Z2

Ah, the bliss of running in Zone2 - NOT! I did not believe it could be so hard to run... slower! Oh, I know you are questioning me. But try it. When you have conditioned your body to maximize the time you have to run as many miles as you possibly can during a set time, heart rate zones mean NOTHING. I am not going to lie, marking down my 30 min Z2 run as 3 miles... was embarrassing. And truth be told, I probably was above Z2 85% of the run. I gave myself a break and realize that I have to condition myself to run in heart rate zones and that it will not happen over night. It did feel nice, but I know I will NEED this come race day.

IMLP Training Day 6 - Bike 1 hour Z2

What happens when all of your so called BFFs sign up for a morning Spin class with an awesome instructor and you cannot because you told your daughter that you would coach her basketball team? Bitterness - of course, and a trainer.

I got up and hopped on my trainer Saturday morning and vowed to stay in my HR zone (check) and ride for 1 hour. Oh the torture... mainly because the kid's choice of entertainment was the Fairy Odd Parents. UGH! It made me actually question why they felt this tv show was entertaining.

I limit my children's television time to around 2 hours a day. Of course, the tv is my best babysitter when I need to get things done, but I do try. At one point during my aero time frame (rotated every 10 minutes), I asked my son why he liked this show. His response, "Because it was silly." Agreed! He laughed at some of the funny parts while I was trying to ascertain why if limited this was the show he would choose to watch. I asked him again, and his response was, "I just want to wake up." Oh, I get it... it was mind numbing. Sort of like soap operas or that trashy LMN titilating drama that I just had to stay up and watch. Not sure I used that as an excuse when I was 8 though.

Finished ride: wanted to stop after 15 minutes, promised myself a smoothie at 35, cursed my lady parts at 45 and when the 60 minutes were over, I bolted for the shower. I cannot wait for the weather to be warmer so I can ride outside.

IMLP Training Day 7 - Run 45 mins Z1 to Z2

Long story short, large group run turned in to smaller group/solo run for an hour. It was cold and I felt good. The group was faster, a couple hung back for the first 2.5, but most took off the second 2.5. I ran probably in Z3, should have backed down more. But it was done.

Lake Placid Swim
Also, not really trying to make up the missed swim, but just to get time in the water, I did an easy 750m while my kids were at swim practice. Easy 300 w/u and then played 25 meters chase with TG. That made swimming fun. And coming off of Swim month in the USAT NCC, I was pleased to start enjoying the swim again!