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Thursday, January 10, 2013

IMLP Training Day #10

I think I enjoyed training when I wasn't working full time. That being said, I completed my Day #10 workout with a little less optimism.

IMLP Training Day # 10 - Run 30 min Z2, Swim: 2500 m

My husband has officially told me he will be late everyday until 22nd. I guess it is okay. I mean, usually he is a 4 o'clock husband, but every 4 years, we have to deal with a silly little thing called: Inauguration. I know, its pretty important but when it affects my training, I get grumpy.


Since my husband was late and once again I had a run in Zone 2, I tried to run again with my favorite HR Zone 2 keepers - my kids. I didn't think they would come, but they did. By .4 of a mile, the complaining started. I realized that having not really kept up with their running since the Fall, having them go out and run 1.4 miles yeaterday, did not bode well for a 3 miles run today. After .6 miles, I had to head back home and firgure out how I was going to get 20 more minutes in. I decided to run loops, sat them up with the homework and a candycane (bribery) and set off to finish with my phone.

Of course, I ran higher than Z2, and after 10 minutes I called home. Kiera answered, said they were fine and I kept running. After 5 additional minutes, I called again and Brock's sentiments hit the nail on the head: "Mom stop calling and run already!" Pretty cute! So I finished a 30 min run, probably mostly in Zone 3.


With my husband still not home at 6, I was started to get worried that I would not have any energy for a late swim. When he finally arrived, I bolted.

Workout was: 300 wu, 8x50 drill, 4 x 125 @20 secs, 4 x 175 @30 secs, 4 x 125 @20 secs. 8x50 drill, 200 cd (well this was actually last weeks workout that I read wrong, but I still did 2500 m)

The pool was exhaustingly crowded. A silly Russian guy (no he told me he was Russian, no judgement here) wearing a tight speedy would not stop talking to me. And a really really slow but nice guy kept me from really getting into a groove. I think I hated everything but the 5 minute hot tub receovery.

*BTW: no children were hurt during this workout. They are legally allowed to stay home by themeselves, I just don't like doing it. :-)


coach dion said...

I had a friend who's wife was very pregnant, so he decided to run laps on hims long run... he only made one lap, then he had to come in and take he to hospital!!! another friend ran a race with me with his cel phone... he made it home OK and the baby was born the next day!

I also feel guilty leaving my children when I go running, if Dawn isn't home Peanut will be at the gate barking!!!

we all have problems...

So run Forest run

Nicole Orriëns said...
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Nicole Orriëns said...

I used to take my kids with me during my runs too, because they were too young to stay at home alone. They usually rode their bikes, alongside me.

Luckily, now they're older and I can run solo again.