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Friday, March 22, 2013

So where have I been?

First swim use of new Garmin = SWEET
Funny I have been wondering the same thing! Quick recap:

1. Yes I have still been training for my IM! I wondered if my absence would make readers believe I had abandoned my goal race! In fact I am in week 12 of my 30 week plan.

2. No, I am not longer working! When I last left you I was teaching 4th grade teacher! Basically it means that I have taught everyday but 3 since the start of school (actually prior to the start as I had to be there for pre-service).  My second gig ended March 15th and so now I'm "free at last"!

Do I miss it? I miss the friendship of fellow teachers, especially one in particular but not the parents. I miss the enthusiasm of the students but not their self-righteous parents. I miss the look in a student's eyes when they finally grasp the material, but certainly not the parents. I learned tough lessons while teaching and will forever be a champion of the hard work teachers put in everyday! Believe me: they down right deserve the time off in the summer!

3. Now what? Well, I have a bigger job ahead of me: IMLP training! I do believe I am fortunate enough to not "need" to work. So I will be focusing on my family and training, occasionally taking some sub jobs, but nothing long term!

My kids have certainly enjoyed our laid back mornings, my attentiveness to their needs, and our extra cuddle time! I feel blessed that I have to opportunity to be able to be a "better" mother! Teaching really takes it out of you and what I mean is patience!

I don't regret taking the jobs though! My kids grew some much during this time - independent and confident! I could count on them to be showered and have lunches packed by the time I got home from swim training in the morning! Some may gasp at a 9 and 8 year old doing this, but truly, they loved it! The first morning I left at 5:30 to swim before they woke I was back within 45 minutes because I was so nervous! They were disappointed I was home so early! :-)

I knew they were ready! Of course I had a little bribery in the mix: Krispy Kreme on Thursdays if they behaved all week! It was a huge incentive! I saw team work and love! And they saw that they were capable and that I trusted them.

Week #11 of IM training began the build phase. Swims are 3000 m, Bikes are 2:30+ hours, and most runs are 1+ (except for bricks). What also began was a 3rd swim for the week and I am currently toying with what to do about that.

My body is tired and it is clear that I am not consuming enough calories to keep the energy level up. I am attempting to rectify this, but as a formally overweight mom, this is the toughest part. I do look at food as fuel, but I need to eat more - it's just that simple.

We head off to Myrtle Beach for Spring Break tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. I am bringing my bike along and hope to find a pool to get my swim on.

Guess what? I'm still a runner at heart. No matter what the weather, I can always run. And I ALWAYS know how to dress. There is something about getting into a "chilly" pool at 5:30 am that is just evil. And cycling in 30 degree temps is just WRONG!

How do you get enough calories in to fuel your body?


Pam said...

You sound so happy in this post! That makes ME happy! :)

Have fun in Myrtle Beach!

coach dion said...

With all that training your IRONMAN should be no trouble for you... You are swimming more than I ever did, and cycling more than I ever did. OK I did run quiet a bit.

I hope you keep us in the picture, and are you racing anything before your big race?