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Monday, December 12, 2011


What did you do over the weekend? Well, I met up with an AH.MAY.ZING GBA GF and we kinda-sort of ran a marathon/half marathon.

What? You are asking yourself. Well, After Richmond I was feeling that I really wanting to see how well I could do. I had trained for Richmond at a 9:05 pace just in case something happened and Bob (bestest partner in the world) did not toe-to-line. (He did and we had an AMAZING race together and I even snagged a nice PR).

My GBA GF, Ginny did NOT have a "hot" race... I mean she still nailed a time like 30 minutes faster than my best... but it wasn't her race... and she found out later that night why... she had the flu (and btw: still managed an awesome time. Read about it HERE). Well, a couple days after... you know, when she started to feel better (I didn't say more sane), she sent me a text that said something like: "How about this:" And like any equally sane runner, I responded: "Yes! And I even have a place for us to stay for free!"

Well, flash forward to my "little" heart procedure and all of my sucktastic runs that led up to this race, I was nervous to say the least. I made a followup appointment with my cardiologist (still funny to type that) and he said everything looked great. Not only great, but he did not see any reason why I couldn't run a marathon in a few days. When I discussed with him my lethargy, he said that every person was different and to trust my body, to listen to my body. Whatever that means!

So, I set off for Delaware... not exactly sure what I was going to do.  Thinking it was crazy that we decided to run a race, at the beach, in DECEMBER! Since it was a small race, I figured it would be slightly easy to switch to the half marathon if I wasn't feeling the full. I thought I would know when I picked up my bib. In fact despite a minor brain fart, the sign I was looking for all along became quite clear.

Bib# = 247 (as in: 2+4+7 = 13) I opted for the Half. (Sorry Ginny that I missed that the first go around!)

Ginny and I stayed at a friend's house and they were super hosts (meaning no qualms with us being in bed by 9pm). We woke up around 5 and started to prep. TG had sent me some knew tunes and this was the first race I had planned to listen to music the whole time. Off to the races and before long, we started in the over-cast, windy (small craft advisory) beach morning. Ginny promised to help me start slow... and if you follow me, you know starting slow is so not my thing. We did great. She stopped at the first water stop and I just kept going. Ginny caught me and we ran together/solo (if you catch my drift) for the first 4. Around 5, I dropped my Gu and Ginny passed me as I stopped to pick it up. I could see her and her cute santa hat for the next 2 miles, but ran my race.

Ready to race... and feeling FESTIVE!
I was super excited that I was feeling good. I walked some water stops. I listened to my body... and well, I ran. By mile 6, I was glad I had opted for the half. Miles 5-8, 9.5-11 were on a gravel path and this bothered my IT band. At the turn around at mile 9, I waved Ginny on (not that she saw me) and decided this was my race to lose. I was doing awesome... was a sub 2 hour in the cards?

I decided to continue to listen to my body. I walked another water stopped, fueled and enjoyed the run; the tunes helping TREMENDOUSLY! This was the best I had felt running in a long time. At mile 12, my (borrowed Garmin) said: 1:54, and I knew that sub 2 was NOT in the cards but decided I would see how close I could get to it.

I raced hard. I was positive. I KNEW I could get a PR. My last mile was sub 8.

Finish time: 2:02:05 = 11 minute PR

Without thinking.... I immediately walked back to mile 25 to wait for Ginny.... yes, it the cold, windy! I waited for her. I cheered on all the runners. I saw the winner of the marathon zoom by with such determination. When I spotted her jolly hat, I hopped in step and decided to try and be encouraging... run her in. Ginny did AWESOME (didn't even need me). Read her recap HERE.

The course was scenic. I am so running this next year - probably the Full. It went through neighborhoods, along the ocean, through a wooded path, more neighborhoods, along the Bay, through a state park and back. The race is capped at 1800 (900 for each race) and the 1500+ runners that ran made for a nice, small town feel. Ginny even tossed her vest at a water stop and they brought it back to the finish line for her... how awesome is that?

I cannot say enough about the race, the time with my friends, racing with Ginny... and for me getting my MoJo back. Yes, I think I have regained my confidence since the "procedure"... and really that is ALL God wanted me to get out of this race. The 11 minute PR was just the icing!

Race on my Friends!


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Sounds like a GREAT weekend to me.. Congrats on the PR and FYI you look FANTASTIC, so adorable.


Lisa J said...

wow I LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit. I wish I wasn't so tall so I could wear that skirt. Awesome job on an 11 minute PR

Rene' said...

Woo-Hoo that is so great! and I love that outfit. so excited for you.

CJ said...

Pure excitement! Way to go on that PR! You ran so smart. And everyone should have an adorable cheering pixie like you :) Apparently, Ginny's 25-mile "friend" thought so, too. Very fun to spot you in the last mile and chat in the tent after. ~Corey

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Sounds like a great race. Congrats on the PR!

I am also just going to turn over my wardrobe selection to you for my next race. You look fabulous!!!

momof3 @ Neurosis of the Stay at Home Marathoner said...

You're amazing. And you did run your own race, and THAT my friend IS worth celebrating. So proud of you, so proud to call you my GBA friend, and thank you for sharing my moment with me.

You say I didn't need you. Oh yes, yes I needed you. I chased your hoTT skirt in for that last mile, and it.was.epic. Thank you again, you're amazing. If you do the full at RVA next year, I'll be there on the course for you, and if you do RBm Full next year... oh hellZ yeah, it'll be in DE with you for SURE. That was a race worth repeating.

Karen said...

Congrats--love the outfit!

Carrie said...

Congrats on both -- PR and mojo -- but mostly on getting your mojo back. :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice job! Just came across your blog... love finding other moms who run! :)