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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mamma Bear moment..

Today is Wacky-Tacky Day at school. The kids were encouraged to have crazy miss-matched clothes and funky hair. My son, Brock decided he wanted not only for his hair to be spiked, but for me to put PINK hair spray in his hair. He LOVED it. He wore his pants backwards. He had one running shoe on and one church dress shoe (and promised he could walk just fine). He wore a Pilot's shirt backwards and a HUGE smile.

(BTW: Kiera was cute too. Totally teased hair, braided hair, pink hair... and clothes that were completely Over The Top - think polka-dots, stripes, plaids, leopard print, etc!)

So why did another mom judge him? SERIOUSLY! Judge me, I can totally handle it... judge my children in front of me? You better HOLD ON TIGHT!

FYI: Boys wearing pink will NOT and does NOT determine their sexual identity. For that matter: boys choosing to dance or enjoy typically female activities won't either. Same thing goes for girls... they can play any sport or wear whatever clothes they want. No my son did NOT ask to wear a dress to school, but do you know what... if he had... I would have been perfectly okay with that. If that isn't wacky-tacky, what is?

Maybe if we allowed our children to express themselves a little more and we were more accepting of them, we would allow them to grow up in LOVE not judgement. Then our children could make a difference and change the world. Instead, we force them into traps of failure... expectations that suit us, not them.

Why can't we love every child for who they are, not who we want to make them be.

To THAT mom: I choose to LOVE. I choose to embrace my children's personalities. I choose to guide them in the right direction without stifling their creativity and awesomeness.

"So the moral of this story is: Who are you to judge?
There's only one true judge, and that's God
So chill, and let my Father do His job"

~ Salt-n-Pepa "None of Your Business"

BTW: Your child... the one you didn't allow to have pink hair... was TOTALLY jealous! ;-)


Melissa Cunningham said...

holy cow. i do not know what i would have done if another mother judged MY son in front of me!!!!!
staying cool would not have been an option!!!
i am totally on your side,and aree 100%...
pink hair rocks, brock!!!
your awesome!

Rene' said...

seriously she said something in front of Brock. Unbelievable! Did you say something back? hmmm....I wonder how she would feel about Ben's entire Pop Warner football team wearing pink socks and having spiked pink hair for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Some people are just rude!!!

a said...

Good for you! i thought the kids looked great this morning! I was wishing I had pink hair, too!

coach dion said...

Pink is so in, did you take any pictures?

mom2booandbobo said...

So sorry that happened to you! She was jealous that you are a cool mom and she isn't!

momof3 @ Neurosis of the Stay at Home Marathoner said...


OH, and I have your back. 100%.

Doesn't that just make you fantasize about breaking into her house and putting bleach in her shampoo? oh, is that just me?

See you tomorrow.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Jen, You are waaay better than I am. I probably would have punched someone in the face! grrrrrrrr

Our kids are so confused about who they are, who they should be, who they want to be, who they think we want them to be....and their friends and media are all over the place trying to pushing them in one directions or another. Why on earth would we limit them in expressing what they want no matter what it is. How can a person learn who they are if they are not allowed to freely express themselves?! Some parents do want carbon copies of themselves (or at least the version of themselves that they think they are!). But that is not what God gave us children to do. He gave us children to share the truth with them so that they could be lights in this world too. So if my sons or daughter want to rock pink hair or no hair, wear dresses or sweats I could not care less because I am far more concerned with the people that they are than any outward appearance.
Major pats on the back to you! You are one GREAT mama!!! my soap box now.