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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I thought I was a good sharing. Being a twin, I HAD to share EVERYTHING. Actually being a twin really helped me learn how to be a good sharer... and it became especially important as we got older and had the choice of a "nice" car or two "not so nice" cars. We chose a nice car.... think red, think T-top, think sporty! We loved our Dodge Daytona. And when my twin sister got into an accident, I finally got my spoiler...

Anyway, on Sunday evening, I headed to my children's swim team practice and decided to get my swim on (during their practice). I headed into the other pool, and saw that the FAST lane was empty. This NEVER happens. Last week, it was filled with two other people, one of whom was doing the doggie paddle... and not fast. I excitedly tore off my outer clothing and started my workout. After my 400 warmup, another Tri dude asked to share my lane. Of course... and he dove in and was off.

We had a nice rhythm, never even knew he was in the lane. As I was resting after my 4x50 drills, Tri dude stopped to adjust his goggles and THAT is when it happened.

Tri dude said: "Geez, here comes the fat Asian dude," and took off down the lane. I saw him coming... I promise I heard his foot steps stomping across the pool and heading right for the FAST lane, bypassing the two SLOW lanes, the two INTERMEDIATE lanes (which only had one person in each).

He said: You share!
I said: You're fast?
He said: You share!
I said: You're fast, right? This is the FAST lane!
He said: You share!

So I started swimming, now we had to swim in a loop instead of back and forth; no biggie if he could keep up. And thats when the fat Asian dude, decided to swim 200m touching my toes at each stroke as if to say, "I faster than you!" He was definitely pushing me and then he stopped got out and walked to the Lifeguard stand.

Let me just say that the life guard could NOT have been too much older than 16... and he looked 12. I watched as the fat Asian man got very animated, but I could not hear what he was saying. I rested and then continued to swim. During my next rest, the "12 year old" life guard trotted over and proceeded to tell me that I needed to share my lane. I agreed, indicating that I had no problems of sharing the lane with someone that was fast! He agreed, kinda smirked and trotted back to his chair.

So I got my hand "slapped" for not sharing. Oh, well! I will try harder next time. What happened to the fat Asian dude? Well, he never returned to the lane; he opted for the hot tub. He must have decided that 200m fast was all he could handle... personally, I think he must have had a toe fetish... even though I still only have 6 toe nails.


Karen said...

ha... we have a guy at our pool who is probably in his 70s (or older) and he aqua jogs for HOURS at a time. We have two pools - one for swimmers and one for all the other activities. There is no lifeguard so you have to self police. There are so many times I want to ask him to go to the other pool to free up a lane. The people at out gym tend not to share lanes which is very strange too and only adds to the issue.