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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October Rewind & 2011 Recap

October flew by... like I blinked and it was over.

Here are my stats:

Total Mileage for October: 184 (down from 204 in Sept)

Running: 172 (down from 195 in Sept)
Cycling: 8 (down from 9 in Sept)
Swimming: 0 (0 in Sept) (but I did swim today!)

Total mileage for 2011: 2033 miles

Running: 1258
Cycling: 740
Swimming: 35

I have a little 10k this Sunday (last minute decision) and then Richmond Marathon on the 12th of November. I am getting excited for Richmond. Bob is excited too.

Currently getting together 2012 race schedule. There are half marathons, marathons, sprint and international triathlons, a half ironman... and maybe, just maybe... an ironman. ;-)

How did your October stack up?


Anonymous said...

You had a great month! Lots of miles there.

kimert said...

You logged tons of miles in October!! way to go!

Lisa said...

wow, you almost ran as far as i cycled. impressive!!

best wishes this weekend!