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Friday, November 4, 2011

Help... I lost my speed

I succumbed to peer pressure. The DCTri MoCo group, TG to be exact, put out an email about a 10k this Sunday. I have run it before. It is on my stomping ground... but it isn't in my MTP.

So what did you think I did? You guessed it, I registered for it. And so did about 10 other MoCo folks. It should be a fun race.

Since registering, I was trying to work on speed and found out that I have lost it. My speed is no where to be found.

Some of it has to do with marathon training... not really concentrating on speed work, more on endurance. My other thought is that it has gotten cold... like burrrrr at 3:30am... and when testing my speed, my legs feel heavy, my posture stinks (I think I try to curl up as I run,; it makes you warmer, right?), and I made a point to try and run what I thought was "fast" only to have my Garmin read: 9:30 pace. WHAT? I felt like I was running 8:15.

Where did it go isn't too much of an issue as to how do I get it back?

Aaaaaaaaand I decided that I am NOT going to put any pressure on myself for this 10k. Sure, I could try for a PR... but really, a week before my marathon, may not be the best idea. I have decided that this 10k will be COMPLETELY for FUN!


And I hope I can really enjoy this race... it would be a great prep for Richmond. Did I mention I am STOKED to be running with Bob and to see my GBA** girls? - 8 DAYS AWAY!!!!!