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Monday, October 31, 2011

Red Heads...

Saturday, we had snow. Not a lot but enough to make my run cold and wet (more rain than snow). I was supposed to do 12, but I only ran 6. And I'm okay with that. I had planned to run 12 on Sunday.... but as a Red Head, I got a little carried away.

Saturday night was my first adult Halloween party. It was for the DCTri MoCo group. TG and his wife hosted. It was fun. Okay... fun down plays it a little.

I went as Emma Pillsbury from Glee. What? You don't know who that is?

Don't worry... no one besides a 9 year old (with a little prompting) knew who I was either... anyway, she is neurotic and dresses very retro = PERFECT fit for me.


Not, bad, eh?

There was race talk. There was food. There was adult beverages. And there was A LOT of dancing... mostly to Michael.

That's me in the yellow dress.

And I had lots of FUN! Too much fun dancing... and with one Michael move during Billy Jean... my right knee "went out".

History: My right knee was always my bad knee. Apparently I blew out both ACLs during basketball in HS and never really knew it. By college, playing "side pivot" sports (soccer, tennis, dodge ball, basketball, etc), my right knee would always "go out". Like force me to fall to the ground in pain... but it would get better and I recovered.

Two years ago at a GREAT friends wedding... while dancing (mind you), I blew out my left knee... requiring immediate surgery. Torn ACL, but more importantly (and painful) a torn meniscus. OUCH! Had surgery, gained more weight... and eventually I healed. At the time the Doc said when I had 6 weeks to recover, I needed to repair the ACL in the right knee... flash forward... no 6 weeks recovery period available while training, right? And I woke up Sunday morning in pain. Like I was scared I would be making a call to Bob...  I rested. No 12 mile run. I braced it most of the day. I iced it. Massaged it.

Today, while playing with the kids, Brock wanted to race me. My knee was feeling better, but I was still going to rest... but decided... well, lets see! No PAIN! Wahoo!!!!!!!

And so I ran 3 miles today. I could have run more, but I did NOT want to push it. Back on track tomorrow... boy, Taper Island is sure playing tricks on me this time around. 4 hours later, knee still feels good. Praise GOD!

And before you start wondering... yes, I am really that good at dancing (although, TG's wife crushed me during Thriller)... good enough to cause bodily injury. ;-)


Lisa J said...

awesome costume! Saw in the blog world that someone was going as the girl with bangs... Rachael?? I have seen show, but don't know everyone's names yet