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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Like I have mentioned for the last 9 months, my International Distance (yeah, I like typing that) Triathlon is in Philly this Sunday... as in June 26th. Meaning, it is exactly 5 days away... so why last night, during my GBA swim workout (more on that later) was I thinking about what I was going to do next? Crazy.... I haven't even completed this goal. My mind sure goes in strange directions during workouts.

Speaking of GBA swim workouts, I have been swimming at the pool with a group of other parents with the swim team coach. We haven't always had the distance that I wanted, so last night, I arrived early and knocked out 800m before the workout started... let me just admit: STUPID! Coach tonight was totally going to prove me wrong (not to mention telling me I swim completely wrong).

Here was the workout:

200m free warm up
6 x 100m free sprints with 15 second rests between each set
4 x 100m building free (50m), 25m breast, 25m free sprint
200m - back (50m), 25m breast, 25m free

Yeah, Coach H wanted me to pay for coming early, I think. Each time I wanted to quit. My arms are quite sore. But this will be my last swim "workout" until after Philly... Yay, TAPER ISLAND! (Boooo).

I did learn a couple of things that I plan to implement in Philly.

1. I usually breathe on every 3rd stroke which means I breathe on each side. When I was whining talking to the coach about implementing his suggestions and my breathing seemed all whack (yeah, professional word), he said, "Try breathing every 2 strokes"... and do you know what? It seemed easier. It seemed like I was getting more air and wasn't rushing my strokes to take a breath. I felt more relaxed.

2. I swim too "pretty". Yup... coach said that I need wider strokes and to make it sloppier. Seemed completely unnatural too. But I am working on it... arms slapping the water, splashing.

3. Head down.... further. Obviously, I swim with my head down, but by looking straight down, I am swimming more efficiently... try it! I felt like I was gliding across the water. I am going to test this at Philly... if I remember. Efficient = faster!

4. Rotate my core more to maximize breath intake and stretch my stroke. I was reluctant to try it, but it did feel better. Who knew that this ex-swim teacher and ex-swim team coach swam wrong her whole life?

Okay... time to get back to Taper Island, where is my Pomtini?


Michelle said...

Good luck with the taper!

Karen said...

I have been swimming since I was a little tot and just had someone tell me the other day that I needed to put my head down further. (I tend to look ahead rather than straight down). We did timed 50s a few days later, I did one my old way and one with my head down. The head down way was 1.5 seconds faster. who knew?

Lisa said...

i need to think about where my head is also. but it's so important, because when position is right, you just glide, as you said

Melissa Cunningham said...

already thinking about "what next"...
hmmm,soundslike the thoughts of a true athlete to me!!
enjoy the taper this week,as best you can,
and good luck this weekend!!!! cant wait to read all about it!!!!!!