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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vocalizing my goals...

I have not been blogging. I think I have been thrown off my schedule since the kids are out of school and I am redecorating Kiera's room for her birthday... her choice (more on that Thursday!)

I have talked about my goals for the International Tri that I am racing in Philly this Sunday to anyone who will listen, but I have NOT written them down... so here they are:

Swim: Don't Drown

No seriously, my goal is to swim without quitting, no panicking and if I do panic, to regain my composure as quickly as possible to get back to it. As you remember from the Sprint I did in April, 200 m in I FREAKED. Like I so wanted to quit... get out of the water.... never swim again. But I didn't (for fear of being made fun of, gotta love peer pressure) and did the breast stroke the rest of the way... taking 22 minutes on what should have taken only 15 minutes. In Philly the swim is almost a mile so my plan is to take my time, focus on breathing and just enjoying the swim. Goal: Panic with quick recovery!

Bike: Don't Fall

Okay, I really just want to not go all out and have no legs for the run. I have several 40+ milers under my belt, so 25 miles should not be so bad. And the routes I take, according to TG, are more hilly than the course in Philly. With that said, I would really also like not to chafe my lady parts. Still struggling with this... and I find that about 15 miles in, it starts to hurt. Seriously considering wearing a diaper, but cannot figure out how to transition into the diaper after the swim (before the swim would just leave me with a very soggy tush!) Goal: Save my legs, but go hard.

Run: Don't Die

I hope to save something for the run, my STRONGEST event. Seriously, I have ran a marathon, I eat 6.2 miles as a snack.... I got this. But the probably is, the rest of my body will be fatigued and hot and I will probably be mentally defeating myself the ENTIRE TIME. So my realistic goal is to not walk. I would like to run the entire 6.2 miles, even if it is 10 min miles... still running, right? Goal: Run 6.2 miles.

And the ultimate goal is to not let TG catch me. I am in wave 9 and TG is in wave 13 (out of 14... yeah, he is NOT happy). I have a 20 minute head start on him.... but realistically, he probably will catch me just hopefully not on the swim.

Have any advice for this International Tri-Virgin?


B.o.B. said...

ok, so since i'm a pro at this distance now, after having done a whole TWO, i have lots of advice:

don't drown.
don't fall.
don't die.

jk! lol! you are going to do great! it's a PR no matter what so have fun. just don't forget to put on your race belt at T2 like i did. oh and if there are any hills on the course, learn to gear accordingly on the bike. (these are from experience!)

best of luck!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Having never done a tri, I'll simply add my prayers for a successful and safe completion of your race...and maybe a little extra so TG doesn't catch you!

Enjoy it!

Ironmom (Julie) said...

Your goals are funny, but my (serious) advice is to rephrase them all in the form of a positive, and then use them as mantras. Try "Swim calm, "bike strong and easy," "run relaxed," or something like that. Mantras must not have the words "drown," "fall," or "die." Best of luck!

a said...

Have Fun! Remember you are doing this because you enjoy it!!!!!!!

Rene' said...

I have no advice, but to go and do your best Jen. You have this. I have a lot of faith in you:)

XLMIC said...

I love your goals! They are good ones :)

I've never done a tri myself, so I don't know what to say other than... don't drown, don't fall and don't die! lol

I hope it all goes super great for you!

Lisa said...

add in HAVE FUN and you'll be golden. :-)