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Friday, June 24, 2011


I found the perfect way to take your mind off of an upcoming race... but I do NOT recommend it. Having your daughter get a "tummy" thing on the eve of her 8th birthday just two days before you are set to leave for your first International Distance Triathlon is a great distraction.

Poor thing... spent 80% of her birthday in bed complaining of her belly hurting. No fever. Took her to the doctors... no strep.... no real explanation. No vomit, no diarrhea... just an ache in her tummy. I guess this is a new way to taper too.... do zero exercising... not even my date with Tony Horton.

Today, much of the same. Still not 100% but something new popped up... she started to talk about her fear of my race. Has my incessant talk about my fears of the Tri seeped into my daughter's head? Was she worried?

This evening, she said, "I'm afraid you won't come back." What? I have been away many times and never has she had such a reaction. I explained to her that I would be back, that it was silly and she then said, "But you haven't ever gone that far before?" I asked to Philly? And she said, "No, swimming".

Maybe she has overheard my worry about swimming almost a mile in the river in Philly. Maybe she has sensed my fear. Regardless, I did not want to spend the last days in bed with my daughter instead of prepping for the Tri.

Oh, don't worry, my bag has been packed since Monday... yeah, I am spastic. I am sure I will unpack it tomorrow morning and repack. This afternoon, while Kiera was occupied with a movie, I gave Athena a nice bath, lubed her up and made sure my saddle pack was stocked just in case of that flat.

My bib number is 1273. Not sure you can track athletes, but if you can... I am a-go for Sunday, Wave 9 for the PHILTRI.

Wish me luck? Believe in signs from numbers? Tell me what 1273 says to you!


Tricia said...

good luck and have fun!

ajh said...

Have fun. I will be anxious to see how it goes.
Did you do the Run for Roses again this year? You have gotten much faster since you did it last year.

Carrie said...

Good luck! Can't wait to read the recap. :-)

Melissa Cunningham said...

gettin excited for you!
i do hope your daaughter feels better soon abot your race. my son had a simular reaction when he was about 4-i had to be out of state for the weekend for one of my shows and it worried him....
anyhoo-i do hope 1273 is a lucky number for you!
just try to enjoy the event while you aim for doing your personal best!
cant wait for a recap!