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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mommy Guilt

Realizing this morning that this is the first race I have ever competed in away from home, I went into mommy guilt mode.

Laundry - Check
Grass mowed - Check
House cleaned - Check
5 Rounds of wii Bowling - Check (BTW: I am still the champion)
8 stories - check
30 minutes of a tickling stint - CHECK
1 hour cuddling (Kiera is still feeling "sick") - check

I didn't repack my bag, but I did go over in my head what I would need for each part of the race, and made a mental note of whether it was in my bag. I missed 4 things:

1. Gatorade. I had my fuel, but didn't have gatorade to put in my water bottles.

2. Towel. This is important because I need to dry off my feet after the swim... of course I doubt the pros do that.

3. Chip tag. I purchased this chip band that is velcro and seemed more comfortable than the ones they provide at races. Not sure whether I will be able to use it, but wanted to bring it so my ankle did not chafe.

4. Sunglasses. Yep.... sort of need this for the ride and for the run.

BTW: I packed 4 goggles... I am freaked my goggles will break at the start, plus I started swimming with a new pair a few weeks ago and I am not 100% committed to them. I want to have options that morning.

In case you forgot:
Sunday, June 26th, Wave 9: 7:30am, Bib 1273
PHILTRI: .9 mile swim / 24.8 mile bike / 6.2 mile run


SupermomE12 said...

Good luck! You are going to do great! And no guilt allowed. You are doing a good thing for yourself and setting an awesome example for your family. :)

Nicole Orriƫns said...

I always go the extra mile at home too, when I know I'm going out to run my miles. It eases the guilt.

MomRunningFromCancer said...

Good Job Jen - I just checked the tri site and see you finished in 3:03 . . . that sounds wonderful!

I am anxious to hear how it went!