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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just Keep Swimming...

I have become a fish. I have to admit, I have always been a swimmer. I used to teach swim lessons, coach swim teams, provide advice and training to athletes who were looking for a good strong cross training workout. But it *had* been some time since I was serious about swimming.

I also have to admit that I went into my first Sprint Tri (Rumpus in Bumpass) quite arrogant about the swim. I did get a swim in once a week (averaging a mile) in "preparation" for the Tri, but I had not really followed a workout. Since devoting myself to an actual Tri training plan (albeit week 9 into the program), I have had to admit that I am not as good as I thought I was (or I once was).

I have completed 2 swim workouts already this week and they BOTH have kicked my butt. I have left the pool after each of them feeling like I ran a 20 miler (which isn't quite as bad as a marathon, but close enough). Doing VO2 Max intervals and threshold sprints with merely 30 seconds of recovery is tough. All this after a 200m warm-up and a set of stroke drills and kick drills. UGH!

But do you know what? I did complete each workout. And I think the threshold sprints and the VO2 Max intervals will help me in Philly. I am excited, but definitely not as cocky as I was before.

Maybe this following a plan thing has a real purpose. Of course it DOES!


The Happy Runner said...

Holy cow, that is one freaky picture!

Nice job on those swims!

Richelle said...

Great swims!

Kelty said...

Awesome swimming! I just started learning some actual strokes and they're kicking my butt!

Michelle said...

Awesome!! I need to learn to swim properly! Great job!