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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Today I went on a 30 mile bike ride. Okay, I should go back to the beginning.

Earlier this week.... a GBA triathlete asked if anyone was free on Thursday afternoon for a 30 miler with average pace between 16 mph - 20 mph. A couple DC Tri MoCo members responded by making fun of the kind of people who can just arbitrarily go for a ride during the day (can we say jealous?) but I responded: "Would love to, but that is still a bit too fast for me."

Within minutes several club members responded to my thread with the following:

"Jen, I'm calling you out on that. After riding with you Saturday, I know you can easily average 16mph on a 30 mile ride!  You should go!" C, the organizer of the 42 miler I did last Saturday.

"Jen, As a slower rider, I second that advice.  I always feel like I'm bringing up the rear when I join in these group rides, but what I've found is, folks will wait up (eventually) and it's motivating to me to try and power through when I'd otherwise like to give up.  I just make sure I have a cue sheet in case folks get too far out ahead.

Not sure if it's making me faster, but it is giving me more confidence on the bike generally, which I really need." J, I've rode with her twice.... definitely faster than me.

"Jen, Friendly advice, if you can go you should.  Hang in as long as you can with faster riders and then finish up on you own.  That's how you get faster." D - the man who named me Pinkie.

With that kind of encouragement, what was a girl to do? I responded: "Okay, you asked for it..."

I started off making excuses about not being any good... and she said, "You will be fine!" We chatted as we started out, but I told her to pedal her pace and I would try to keep up. And do you know what... I did... for the most part. She definitely has the skill of uphill drive mastered, but I didn't do too bad. She did have to wait for me a couple of times, but not too long.  My speeds varied from 8 mph up a HUGE hill to 36 mph down another HUGE hill. It was an awesome ride.

I had fun. My average speed was 15mph (and it was actually higher as I never stopped the Garmin at lights)... which means I am improving. The last 6 miles, which were relatively flat, I averaged 18.9 mph. And my legs were not about to fall off after we finished. In fact, I texted TG that my legs felt great. No need for an ice bath... I barely stretch them. His advice was perfect... all I need to improve is just more "seat" time.

I was home by 2:30 and had 30.5 miles under my belt. The thing is... I am REALLY missing my run. Since I have been following the Tri plan, it has 2 days of swims, 2 days of cycling, and 2 days of running. My run this week so far was intervals... not exactly a nice long run. I am craving that pavement time. I am not getting those endorphins from swimming or cycling. I *need* a run.

And tomorrow... I WILL run!


Rene' said...

yay! you are doing so awesome! i wish i had some of your bike mojo. why am i still so afraid of mine??

Anonymous said...

That schedule looks like a great balance.

momof3 said...

You are doing great! I missed my running too much and this week I dropped back to 1 swim 3 run 2 rides (and I may not ride at all tomorrow, depends on how I'm feeling).... and of course, the race.

momof3 said...

PS - love that you used GBA

coach dion said...

just because you have cycled or swum, it doesn't mean you can't run... So yes write in 2 runs a week, but that doesn't mean you can't pop out for a couple of miles on the other days.

jamie@sweatyhugs said...

First time posting! Awesome job! Sounds like a great group of riders with all the encouragement they gave out. I'm also happy to read that you are doing so well. Gives me hope as I take my first road cycling class this weekend.