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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Supportive 42 Miler

On Saturday, I joined some of the DC Tri MoCo group for the 42 mile bike ride again. At first I was VERY intimidated as all of the "pros" were out. When D came (he is the one who gave me my nickname "Pinkie"), I felt relaxed.... at least I "knew" someone out there. Another "newbie" arrived and I was relieved.  Since I was going to be in the back, I was volunteered to be the "sweeper". I was nervous, because all I knew a sweeper did was ride in the back and bring up the rear. It was true, I would be in the back... but.....

I started to chat with the other newbie, and decided that she needed to focus on what she was doing. And this is when I realized that I had improved. Two weeks earlier, I was struggling to keep up with the "pros" and this week, I was actually wishing the other newbie was going faster.

Quickly I learned that as sweeper did not "have" to be last, just remain at the major turns so no one got left behind. Finally, I felt I could really push it. But the waiting at each turn sometimes up to 15 minutes did a number on my legs.

At first I was put off, but then it dawned on me: This is what the others have done for me week after week. I was humbled instead of annoyed. Obviously, she needed my support. And so, I encouraged her and got to know her... offered her support, suggestions (yeah, me!), and just camaraderie.

And we I finished and she was no where is sight, the organizer and I waited for her. It was her longest ride ever (remember me 2 weeks ago?) and we she finally made it back to the parking lot, we cheered. And she was touched! I even got a FB request from her.... yay... a new friend. Remember... supporting the underdog is a GOOD THING!

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ajh said...

That would be me. What kind of bike did you get? Is it a road bike? I am going to get a new one SOON!

Samantha said...

I bet she was grateful for you being at every turn! I know I would be.

Erika said...

It's always wonderful when there are people out there who support you!!! Good work!

The Unexpected Runner said...

Thank goodness for patient folks like you!