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Monday, April 11, 2011


Yeah.... My first Triathlon EVER is Sunday. I know I like to put on this confident mask... but today, well, I started to freak out. The "OMGosh" kind of freak out which should not be confused with the "I'm totally not doing this" freak out (but I did teeter there for a brief moment, like just a second).

I mean, what is the worse that could happen, right?
  • I drown.
  • I miss the start.
  • I get kicked in the head during the swim.
  • I cannot get out of my wetsuit.
  • Can't find my bike.
  • I forget to take my wetsuit off.
  • I forget my helmet.
  • I cannot get my shoes on.
  • I forget my Garmin.
  • I fall off my bike... several times.
  • I get a flat and instead of changing it, I cry.
  • I run out of T2 with my helmet on.
  • I cannot feel my legs and fall down during the run.
  • They close the course because I am running so slow.
  • I cross the finish line, but they already have packed up.
  • I cannot find my ride home.
 See, most of these are TOTALLY legitimate, right?

To make matters worse, TriGuru is traveling for work and I want to talk to his ear off about strategy. I want to talk about his first Tri... lessons learned... you know so I do not make the same mistakes. How dare he go on a business trip during my freak out time. He is the ONLY person I really know that has competed in a Tri. (Well, that isn't completely true... but WHATEVER!)

I have been reading way too many websites, seeking advice... I need... Oh, I know what I need... I NEED a CHILL PILL, got one?


coach dion said...

When i did IRONMAN back in 2001 (can't believe it was 10 years ago)I was only scared of the swim (because I couldn't swim and 3.8km is a long way in shark infested water!!!) So can you swim? Yes are there any sharks in you water? No. So what is your problem. the bike ride will be easy as you won't have cars to worry about, and girl you can run, that is your thing.

momof3 said...

Find SpeeDee on my Facebook. It's her birthday today, but I bet you she would give you a few minutes of "ear talking" and come back with "just relax" messages... she's a sponsored triathlete and I adore her. I will see her today.

I am exhausted and unable to focus, but I absolutely just wanted to say, "RELAX", someone there will have done less training, know less, etc than you.

EarthMamaMer - a commenter on my blog & GBA rider is doing her first tri this weekend at Bumpass too. Yay!

JenniferLeah said...

Take a deeeeep breath-It'll all be just fine.
I suggest getting all of your things together the day before, lay them out on the floor and go over each transition in your head. Practice it even...this will be one less thing to worry about on race day.
Start at the back of the pack of the swim, it'll keep you out of the crush-everyone kind of spaces out after that.
Your legs will feel great off the bike :) it'll all be SO MUCH FUN you will not even worry about all those little things once you hit GO!
Have a great time!!!
Best wishes

LB said...

i did my first tri last month and i was freaking out with all the same irrational thoughts you had. (probably) none of those things will happen and when you make it through to the finish line unscathed by all your freak-out thoughts you will feel invincible!!! you will do fine and even if something minor does go will be a triathlete all the same!!!! good luck, you will do great!!!!

Lisa said...

relax, and enjoy the experience!

SupermomE12 said...

You are hilarious! I have no doubt you are going to go out and rock it! Just be confident, plan the best you can and enjoy it, and if you forget to take off your wetsuit, maybe you'll start a new trend. :)

Ironmom (Julie) said...

Listen, I guarantee probably most of those won't happen. Have a great race, and if not, well, just think of the hilarious blog fodder it will make.

B.o.B. said...

Ok, so since I have my 2nd tri on Saturday I probably should not have read this. Now I too am panicked! JK. You and I will both finish and be fine. We may not win, but we're both gonna finish and have fun dammit!

Anonymous said...


MomRunningFromCancer said...
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MomRunningFromCancer said...

Have fun out there! I hope the weather is good. Enjoy yourself and don't worry about the transitions - simply do it!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

You are sooo brave! I might be able to run for miles and miles but swimming with a crowd of others is waaaaaaay beyond me. I will love tris through you.

You are going to enjoy the journey and have a huge success. Remember it's a gift that needs used!

Your comment on my post, so wonderful! Thank you so much! That is the BEST sisters to be.