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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Solo Saturday

For the first time in many MANY months, I had to run my "long run" ALONE! I know, right? It was just a bunch of logistical issues, but it left me alone.

So after totally rockin the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler, I wanted to just get out and run for an hour. Partly because I wasn't sure what I was going to do with myself for a whole hour and the other part because I needed to be home so Brock could go to karate. Also, I wanted to try and fit a bike ride in too.

The run: I decided to run with how I felt. Not necessarily fast but just listening to my body. When the first mile beeped at 8:10, I thought, "Wow... I don't even feel winded!" Typically on the first mile, my pace is closer to 8:30.

After 8 miles. 
I decided to keep pushing it, even though the miles ticked away very slowly. A couple of times I saw other runners in front of me, and I decided to chase after them to see if I knew them. I think they thought I was weird... some stalker runner chasing after them. The first group of people (two men and a woman) sort of moved out of my way, and when I said, "Hi!" in my most upbeat (slightly winded) voice, they just waved. WHAT? Not even a hello. Okay, they obviously thought I was too excited to see them.

The second group was two women and a man. I thought I recognize the running posture of the man. I REALLY had to push it to catch them. And sure enough, it was my neighbor Ethan (remember, we went to the start of MCM together). It was fun to see someone I knew, but they had their own groove and I wasn't going to force my way into the group. So off I went by myself, again!

When mile 7 beeped, I decided I was going to push the last mile as hard as I could... and it worked: mile 8: 7:48. Total run: 8.1 miles in 1:04:55.

I felt great.. but then as I walked home the coughing began. It was the hacking cough that I have been getting in the colder weather. I have to admit it is getting worse. I think I need to figure out if it is sports induced asthma or cold induced asthma. A doctor's appointment is in my near future.

The Ride: And in the afternoon, I was going to join TriGuru for the bike portion of his brick, but again, logistically, it didn't happen. After I was done pouting, I headed out. I wanted to actually time my 12 miler, since that will be bike portion of the Tri this Sunday. I set off on the route that I had done earlier in the week which has hills. In the end, it took me 45 minutes to ride 12 miles. Not happy with that time, but it is what it is. I definitely felt my legs on the ride home - they were sore from the run. I pushed through it. Total ride: 16.37 miles in 53 minutes. Top speed: 25mph, slowest speed: 10 mph.

I wanted to get better on the riding, but I hope with more seat time it will become more natural. This was my THIRD ride with traffic. I am getting more comfortable and I enjoy that.

A Tri Group member went to the course of my first Tri today to check it out. She said the water was FREEZING, the bike course was ROLLING HILLS, and the run was mostly uphill. GRRREAT! What an awesome initiation into Triathlons.
 What's the saying? "Go Big or Stay Home!" Consider it DONE!


Richelle said...

Good work on Saturday! I hope you figure out the reason(s) why you get that weird cough soon so you can prevent it from happening in the future. Sometimes I get a bunch of phlegm after running in cold weather, so maybe it's just the weather causing your cough.

coach dion said...

I also ran on my own on Saturday, but If I had seen some-one as cute as you on the road I wouldn't have been on my own anymore. Love to outfit you were in.

Staci said...

Love your running outfit!!


Can't wait to see you this week! I totally wore those socks for my solo 10 this weekend. Great minds ...

S Club Mama said...

man, you are a fast runner, girl! That's awesome. :)

Rene' said...

I love your skirt....I have the same one. (imagine that!) Great FAST run:) the coughing definitely sounds like exercise asthma. my 10 year old just got put on an inhaler....go see the MD.

Candice @ I Have Run said...

What a day!! Impressive run!

Hope the cough thing gets figured out. Keep us posted!

The Unexpected Runner said...

I LOVE your socks! They rock! My husband despairs at my kneehigh sock collection....I'm going to have to look for some like those! Awesome!