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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ten Things Thursday - The Glen Addition

I had a business trip to Glen Allen on Wednesday morning and decided to pull into town the evening before for a little visit with two bloggy sweat hearts (yeah.... total girl crushes on this end). I usually do 3 Things Thursdays, but 3 things COULD NOT sum it up.

1. So as T revealed in her blog... I DID pronounce her name wrong at National. I called her: "Ton-ya" not:

So just in case you thought her name was Ton-ya like me... it isn't.

2. G doesn't have this little pixie voice that I thought she would. By no means is she a man... but definitely not the voice I was expecting out of her. It was strong and confident. And seriously GBA!

3. There was NO bloggy weirdness, you know since I had only met her for like a minute at National. Seriously G, took me into her house, introduced me to her family like I was a long lost cousin... it was awesome. Her family is ADORABLE... her one dog... a little GBA, and her kids... yeah, I could have eaten them up!

4. So when the dinner question game up and G offered up Sushi as an option I was thrilled. Having been a Sushi virgin, I was nervous but knew that G and T wouldn't lead me astray... and it was yummy! I felt like I ate TONS and I will definitely be heading back.

5. The dinner conversation flowed naturally and it wasn't just because there was wine involved. I did pose a question, "Tell me something I don't know about you from your blog" and their answers were interesting... you are gonna have to stop by the Glen to find out for yourself.

6. Secrets were revealed and I am just so excited. Sorry.... can't say any more.

7. We talked a little Tri strategy (hey... did you know that T can and does coach triathletes too?) They calmed my nerves a little... suggested I practice transition (why didn't I think of that).

8. The Glen is similar to Rockville. I mean it is strange to be over 100 miles from home and literally feel like I was just up the street. I wish Congress would relocate and we could move there. Hey, my husband keeps asking me why I don't run with chicks... maybe the next time he says that I will have to say... let's move to The Glen.

9. We planned to meet at 5:30am for the run in Twin Hickory. It was a nice neighborhood and the sun was still sleeping. We had an easy five, but I am afraid we pushed G past her doctor's orders. It was nice... better than nice. I never run with women, and honestly, I have never gotten along with other women. I liked running with them and think maybe I could get used to running with GBA chicks.

After our run in the TH with T, 3L (not pictures) and G.

10. Before we started our run, G handed me a CD... a little internal joke. You see at National we had a plan to meet up in the parking lot. To quote G, "We will be the ones in the beige minivan listening to hardcore rap music". I think I was in love when she said that but since the marathon was a logistical nightmare, it never happened. The CD... yeah.... HARDCORE.... well, except the last one song... G - What was up with that one? Not hardcore, but I was dancing like a Queen!

It was an awesome trip... the conference, not so much. Read T's version HERE.


momof3 said...

LOL ~ I don't even remember what's the last song? Will Smith? Yea, he's not Hard Core. That's the CD that got us labeled with the OLD SCHOOL RAP label... Miss you already - 1 day was not enough.

Rene' said...

So fun! I can't wait to hit the Glen!

MomRunningFromCancer said...

Sounds like a great meet up!

Richelle said...

Sounds like so much fun!

MCM Mama said...

Man, so jealous! T and G are awesome. I wish I could move down near them too. Of course, then I'd have to start getting up early to run and I'm not sure I could pull that off.

Pam said...

I'm unbelieveably jealous! I don't play nice with other girls either. Well, actually the problem is the other girls. lol I don't have any patience for cattiness and drama, and GOOD LUCK finding other women like that! But you three? Yeah, I can see myself hangin' with you three GBAs.

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

How fun for you guys! I met T in Tacoma. Can't wait to meet up with both of them in San Francisco for the half.