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Friday, March 4, 2011

Sometimes you just go

Today I did not have to work. No subbing either (I was asked to go in and judge a little contest, but it only took an hour). And the kids had a half of day and it was SUNNY, so I was super excited to go for a bike ride with them.

Before they got out, I hit the pool for a little swim. I did 38, 50ms, or 19, 100ms for 1900 meters in 45 minutes. I tried to concentrate on my form, my breathing and using my legs more. It was my first swim in 2 weeks.

By the time the kids got off the bus I was ready for the bike ride. Kiera ditched me almost immediately to play at the neighbor's and Brock only wanted to ride his scooter. I could have bailed... but this was the perfect opportunity to work on my bike form, my pedaling.

Remember I mentioned that on my first Brick (HERE) I got severe cramps in my calves and TriGuru said that I was pedaling wrong? Well, apparently, I pedal with my toes and that is WRONG. Apparently by pedaling with my toes, I am not using my quads and as a cyclist, you are supposed to use your quads (which did not hurt at all - because I wasn't using them). TriGuru rode behind me and watched and it was mostly on my right foot. I tried not to pedal with my toes, but it was definitely something I was going to have to work at.

Since Brock wanted to ride his scooter, there would be no miles to count or pace to watch. I decided to focus purely on my pedaling. And I have to admit (as TriGuru said), it seemed easier when I pedaled with the ball of my foot AND I did feel it in my quads.

I pedaled, albeit slowly, and Brock "scooted" pretty fast for a short guy. I think we went a little over a mile in 30 minutes. We rested a couple of times and I was able to successfully get off my bike without falling. YAY!

Tomorrow I have a run with Bob. He has been under the weather, so I am not sure how far we are going or how fast. Sunday I may run 14 with some of the Tri group (although they won't run all of the distance with me).
What are your weekend plans?

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XLMIC said...

Getting off the bike without falling... now that's a trick ;-) Really, I can't do it... I just don't have the flexibility!

Awesome that you got to have fun with your little guy :) Have a great weekend!

Lisa said...

I don't think I pedal correctly either. Hopefully you'll figure that out.

Sounds like you got a bonus day with the judging taking such a short amount of time. I'm envious!!

momof3 said...

S'OK ~ I'm working on the one legged swing on mount without dying.

Weekend plans - today I rode (about 12mph) and realized that I'm not GBA on the bike. Tomorrow I'm going for a long easy swim, in theory.

And both days, at some point, I will pine for a run, but I will set the thought aside with the knowledge that I am wiser for wearing my boot and resisting the "heroin".