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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Thoughts (and Questions)

1. ABS: Yes, I have been doing Ab Ripper X for a while now... and I am getting pretty svelte in that area... and I wanted to brag encourage everyone by posting a pic, but for some reason I cannot manage to capture one that does not look pornographic. Ideas?

2. Hair... I decided to try and ROCK my new hair do while subbing today and the kids say I am scaring them. Is it the hair? Sharp (literally) earrings? The spiked heels or the fishnets? You tell me!

3. I am trying to decide on my goal pace for the National Half Marathon on March 26th. TriGuru is running it, albeit fast. I imagine he will maintain a 8-8:15 pace or even faster. I am not sure I can maintain that pace for 13 miles, nor do I want to slow him down, but it would be fun trying!  Also, Bob is also running the half and he is doing the the run:walk, Galloway method. I could just go out and go with the way I feel and if be a GBA is in the cards, it will show. It is 3 weeks before my first Sprint Tri, so I do not want to do something stupid like injure myself. Thoughts?

4. I am running the Cherry Blossom 10 miler the Sunday after the National Half Marathon. I heard it is a very crowded race so I my goal is to enjoy it and the view. TriGuru is also running this, so I could try to hang with him for this race and not the Half... or do I go GBA and attempt to hang with him for both?

5. I am throwing my name into the hat for PTA President. I know; crazy, right? But I have the time and the energy and I really think I can make a difference (save the world).  My only Fall commitment so far is the Richmond Marathon as Bob's pacer, but if I LOVE Tris, then I would not mind attempting a 1/2 IM. Will this interfere with my training?

6. Finally, I have people tell me ALL of the time (after they find out that I have lost 80+ lbs), I cannot imagine you over weight. Should I carry a Fat pic in my purse to whip out on a whim for the naysayers? Would that be encouraging or just bragging?

7. I almost forgot, McDonald's has their Shamrock shake right now... can you just say YUM! Definitely need to stay away from them because I could drink one EVERYDAY... then I wouldn't be needing before pics, right?


Holly said...

I'm running the Cherry Blossom also!! It will be my 3rd race and I've only been really running since the middle of October but had been a gym rat for the past 1.5 years before that! I'm also running a 1/2 M here in Waynesboro, Va at the end of April. My hubby lived in Thermont for awhile when we was young, so Derwood is familiar to me! Good luck with your races!!

momof3 said...

I don't know what to say about National. If it were me, and I was trained and feeling really GOOD right now, I would look at my 2 most recent races on McMillan, and see what "he" said. Subtract a few seconds from faster time, and race according to a strategy that I've always thought sounded fun. So for me that would be... an 8:36... trying for neg splits though, I would go 8:40's on the first few miles, and then bring it to an 8:30 and try to hold. At mile 12, if I felt anything "left" I would empty the tank and sell out. But that's just me. That's the strategy I used for my last 10 miler, and it was FUN to run negative splits... WAY fun. Go watch the Bart Cast on that on RW, it's SO TRUE.

LOL - a fat photo would shock people into silence. GO FOR IT. I know I would be encouraged because I've said that to someone, and been shown the photo.

I don't do the Golden Moo anymore. We broke up when I broke up with my muffin top.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Ab RipperX, rocking totally bada** looks, National Marathon, Cherry Blossom 10 miler, PTA president, photo flashing and shamrock shakes. Girl you've got it all going on!!

XLMIC said...

You look so stylish and pretty in that picture. Wow. I keep saying this every time I read your blog... but I need to start doing the P90X... we even have it here in this house!

Those races you have planned and are wanting to do sound really great. I bet that you will know what to do in the race as you get closer.

The PTA thing... I am going to throw a word of caution out to you... if having something interfere with your training is going be a stressor, then DON'T do it. Being the president of anything always ends up being more of a time commitment than you realize... and stuff that involves parents, kids, teachers and school is always going to take more time than you will expect... and energy :) Just my 2¢.

*~* *~* Tracy said...

I love your hair! You look really young and hawt! There's no way you're 30+ with 2 kids; you must be the nanny, right?

I have no ideas on pace and non-porn pix of svelt abs, but I agree with XLMIC on the PTA thing. My involvment with cub scouts has been very eye opening and more time consuming than I would have imagined. I couldn't do it if I worked outside the home.

You are Super Amazing Girl (new super hero) and I know you will be successful in whatever you do. Best to you!

Janet said...

Looking good, but not sure you should rock that outfit subbing..tone it down...No sub ever looked like that when I was in school. And no I wouldn't want a sub to dress like that either...

I agree with Tracy and XLMIC about the PTA thing.. you know you will go 180% and everyone else will be at 50% so it will leave a lot of work and stresses in your life and lets not forget about the time away from your family.

just your twin sisters 2 cents

Darlene said...

MacDonald's shakes are my weakness.

Pam said...

Wow! So which club did you take your students to in that outfit? lol

You do look great! Let's see those abs!

teacherwoman said...

You look great! Sorry I haven't been around much in the past couple of months!

Rene' said...

Show us your abs, you know I just started an affair with Mr. Horton so I am hoping that my abs will be in good shape soon.
I say go for it with the Half. You have become so fast, so why hold back!
PTA, good for you. My friend is the treasurer and really feels good about what she is doing for the school. your hair and can't wait to see you in Richmond!

coach dion said...

1. your ABS, you need to go running in tights and a small top showing your ABS and then have you picture taken while running. no porn involed.
2. You are to hot for your kids so no worries.
3. Are you in shape for a PR, then go for it, you will be fine for your tri.
4. Cherry blossom have fun, run with a camera...
5. Go for it why not, if you win just remember to deligate and you can easierly do 1/2 IM
6. Why not, if they are over weight maybe you can motivate them.
7. It should only be for the month of March, so have 1 a week till St. Paddies day...

Any more questions before I start work...