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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Long Run and Bike Ride

Forced hubby to snap this after the run
I had no trouble with the time change on Sunday morning (the last two days is another story). After a visit to my mother-in-law's, I met TriGuru for a long run. And it was kind of a reverse situation from a run with Bob. This time, TriGuru (who wanted to put in 14), ran to the park and I drove there to meet him. The park is exactly 4 miles from our 'hood (I know because I have run there to meet Bob may times).

I passed TriGuru on my way into the park and couldn't believe all of the people. It was a gorgeous day (see I skirted) and there were many families and people with pets out on the trail. For the most part, everyone was friendly enough and considerate.

(BTW: Those who skirt, do you get strange looks? I think I get the worst looks from women... they look me in the eyes, then at my skirt, then back at me... and typically it is NOT a nice look.)

Anyway, TriGuru was right on time and had clocked exactly 4.01 miles - yay! We started on the trail and I just wasn't feeling it. Note: the tuna salad on a cheesy biscuit is not a good carb loader... I felt sick and had already decided that I wasn't going to Gu (I didn't want a repeat of Monday). And to top it off, I was out of Gatorade, so I only brought water with me.... not exactly electrolyte replenishing... but hey, we were only going to do 10.

TriGuru talked (because I begged him too) for most of the run. He has interesting stories and I think he may run dry one day, but he didn't on this run. He wasn't feeling 14 either, so our pace average was around 8:41. I was glad to be done. We passed many people in heavy coats and hats, but it was gorgeous and I shed my long sleeve shirt by mile 4. It felt like Spring was on its way... maybe Punxsutawney Phil will be right this year after all.

And yesterday morning, I was going to give my legs a break and swim... but I wasn't feeling it. After 1100m in 23 minutes, I called it quits (oh, and remind me to tell you about the conversations a girl finds herself in at a pool of "older" women, a Triathlete, and a Wanna-be swimmer).

When I found myself with nothing to do around 2pm, I decided to take Athena for a ride. My "sister", Kirsten (HERE), gave me some great advice. She said that I should take Athena out on my own, where there is no pressure and just ride at my pace, my route, and enjoy it. And do you know what... it was GREAT advice. Not only did I get "seat" time, I did not have any pressure. I did 8.45 miles in 33 minutes. I felt great. And for the record, I KNOW why cyclists DO NOT ride on the trails - it was horrible riding conditions. It is so different when you are running to dodge potholes and debris in your way. I think, despite being afraid of cars, I will be a road cyclist.

And a question for tomorrow's post... how do you toes look? Yeah... mine, not so good!


MomRunningFromCancer said...

There is a reason they are called Road bikes - IMO - most people would not ride them on trails / unless the trails were paved / or blacktopped. Last summer I only had my comfort bike so that is what I road on all surfaces - now that I have a road bike, I will be using that for the road and paved trails - but will still used my comfort bike for the crushed stone trails.
I notice a lot more women in running skirts, me included - I got to wear mine last week while on vacation in Florida.
But for now, I will be waiting a few weeks / or months to wear them in WI - even though we are having some nice daytime temp's this week - it is still pretty chilly at 5:30AM.

Rene' said...

You know that I am your skirt sister. What is funny is that me and my 3 running besties wear skirts and we are known around Southern NH as the skirt girls:) I plan on taking my bike out for a spin tomorrow, by myelf, with no one looking. I don't really know what proper form is, but hopefully I figure it out.

Pam said...

My toes are adorable, with pretty pink nails and everything! lol I've been very fortunate so far. No black or lost toenails yet!


G and I were just talking about how we are perceived because of the skirt. We concluded that one, we are eye candy, two, "serious" runners, especially men, think we are mocking their sport. And three, those who can't handle us, are just jealous.

Terri said...

I love skirts and I think you need to ignore those haterz! :)

coach dion said...

You can't tell us what your toes look like without posting a picture...

And I always look at women who wear shirt. (OK I look at all women)

Catey said...

Love skirting it! In fact I just bought my first pair of actual running shorts yesterday, because for warm weather running I've only ever done the skirt.

Glad that the solo ride helped things...I was impressed that you were brave enough to start with group riding. A couple of years of owning a nice road bike and I still only ride solo! Well, except for races when people are everywhere of course. Otherwise the idea of a group ride really intimidates me!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

My skirts don't fit. And I don't have to courage to go smaller.

You however look great! I think you and T have the same awesome legs!

My toes are not pretty right now but I don't think feet are attractive anyway.

Mary said...

I have been a lucky runner with no lost toe nails or black ones! I love the skirts too and don't know if I get funny looks or not! It been a long cold while since I have had one on!