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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Danger.... if you have just eaten - AVOID this post.

Okay, I have WARNED YOU. This isn't going to be pretty. I asked yesterday about your toes... and maybe I should have been more direct... what do your toe NAILS look like?

As Spring approaches, so does my first appointment at the salon to get my pedicure. Let me just say despite not being too girly, I LOVE getting my nails done. Not because of the color or because it looks nice, but because I leave feeling like it was the best hour spent on the day.

I know I briefly mentioned it on Facebook after the marathon, but not sure I divulged to my readers that I truly felt like a marathoner about 2 weeks after the Marine Corps Marathon as I lost a toenail... and guess, what? I did not even KNOW it was "injured". It simply fell off one day and I was like "GROSSSSSS!" (of course said in the most girly voice). I didn't even notice it to the point (maybe because I was still on the post marathon HIGH) that by the time it fell off, the nail underneath was already starting to grow back in. I DID notice that I had a HUGE blister... and apparently that blister pushed up the nail. (REMEMBER, I told you this was a gross post!)

So the other day, it was warm and I was so tempted to wear sandals until I saw my toes... EWWWWWW!  I know I am risking losing some followers and my admirers... but this is the reality of my toes... and I NEED accountability. I hope to get a pedicure soon.... before I scare the little kids away!


biggest toe nail... see it is growing out... and I still get blisters there.

yeah... more blisters.

The only reason these are "painted" is because I wore peep toe shoes like a month ago!

So has running ruined your perfect pedicure? How do you keep your toes "pretty"?


XLMIC said...

AWWWWW! your poor toes! I used to have pretty feet... for real. Even when I used to run a lot more than I do now. My toes are now nasty because of chilblains. Don't google it.

*~* *~* Tracy said...

I'm definitely going to google chilblains...

And Jen, maybe having 3 grody boys has jaded me, but I was expecting much worse! In need of a pedi, yes. But not barf-worthy. :D

Sara said...

Wow! I have actually never had anything happen to my toes, but all of my runner-friends have! I have scars on my chest from where I ran my first half, did not wear body glide, and my bra chaffed. It looks pretty bad!

Elizabeth said...

i get pedicures once a month to keep em pretty :) and my running hasn’t really messed them up…i think going regularly helps. and i body glide the tips of my toes.

kimert said...

Bummer! I will no longer complain about how yuck my toes look. I thought they were pitiful until I saw yours. I think you probably run way more miles than I do (or can even think about) so maybe that's it. I have to keep my nails trimmed quite a bit and just recently painted them thinking it would help how bad they look. I can't even think about a pedicure because it's just been too long and I'm afraid I would have major issues after my runs if I had a real pedi.I've not suffered blisters but I feel like it is due to the socks I wear.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

My toes have not been pretty for years but at times they can fake it well.

I am working on my form to help save my toes but it often has to do with conditions, shoeflex and course length. If the wrong mix of elements comes together, I am going to have toe problems after a race. Rarely do I have problems from my training runs.