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Monday, March 14, 2011

NC Recap

As I posted, I headed to NC for my Grandmother's 86th birthday party. It took us 7 hours to get there but only 5 hours to get home. Traffic was HORRIBLE on Friday (and we left at 12).

Friday ended up being a rest day but my legs ached in the car. If you follow me on FB you saw that I posted as we sat in traffic on I-95 and passed the mile markers, I was imagining myself running past them... beating the cars. It was weird. I even saw my outfit (new blue skirt with white compression socks and white long-sleeve shirt). I literally shook my head to snap of it. Runner first?

We made it eventually, and I confirmed with my sister that we would be running around 6am. I was so excited that it was going to be a low of 43 and a high of 68, that I pack a skirt. Well, at 5:30 am, it was only 31 degrees... and so I was going to FREEZE my tushy off. Thankfully, I found a long sleeve shirt in my bag and some tights (not cold gear though). I kept telling myself if I just ran for 5 minutes I would warm up. It took way longer. The plan was to get 3 in before Janet and then come back and get her for 3 more.

I made it out the door and literally contemplated going back inside for the next 5 minutes. It took me a 1/2 mile to warm up. It was so cold... I haven't run this early in the morning for a long time. And since it was dark and a strange area, I was spooked easily. At one point this big black dog ran barking across the street in front of me and disappeared into the woods. I kept thinking it would come after me although I never saw it again.

I circled back to the house and picked up Janet. She was ready, but I needed a coat and put on a really large coat of her husbands. It came down to my knees but oooooo, it was warm. We did a run/walk combo - mostly ran. She was recovering from a 3 week chest cold and it was difficult for her to talk and run and catch her breath. I miss running with her. I wish we lived closer to each other so we could encourage each other and train together. One day.... maybe.

We made it back and had to get ready to go to my nephew's last Basketball game. It was cool that we were able to cheer him on. Daniel scored at least 2 baskets. He played awesome and passed the ball to his teammates too. It was fun watching him play.

Kiera, Daniel and Brock

While Daniel was playing I took many pictures of my niece Sydney. She is adorable and a handful... she wanted to walk around everywhere. Kiera was a good mommy to her. This was the best pic of the three of them... just happens my face was cut out. Who needs to see me, right?

After the basketball game, we headed to my grandmother's birthday party and met with my parents and aunts and uncles. It was a nice time to be there to celebrate with my grandma. Here are some pics:

Brock and Grandma
And then I tried to take a pic of me with my sister and mom... here is the result (the other ones weren't flattering of them):

Me, Janet (twin sister), My Dad above Janet, and my mom!
And we made it home... a little drama in the car but not worth mentioning now. I ended up running on Sunday... but this post is long enough. I will have to tell you about my long run with TriGuru on Sunday and my confidence building bike ride that I took today in another post.


Richelle said...

Glad you had fun with your family. Happy birthday to your grandmother!

coach dion said...

I was up at 05h00 for a morning run (7.5) and it was 17, OK that is 7.5km and 17 C.
Nothing better than running in the morning, but boy is isn't easy to get out of bed.
My Mother-in-law turns 88 this weekend, so Happy birthday to your Gran

Syl said...

sounds like a great time!
I think it's great that you got to celebrate with your grandmother.

Julie said...

Sounds like fantastic time with family!! That is always the best!

Can't wait to hear about your amazing bike ride!

Kirsten said...

Your Grandma looks wonderful!!! And nice pic of you and Janet with your Mom too!

Janet said...

I love that dad is in the background. I did not know he was.. send it to me... love ya.