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Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Fitness Fail

In case you did not know, I like to name things... maybe it is because I did not get to name my children or my dog. I think as a girl growing up, that was the single most reason I wanted children... so I could name them WHATEVER I wanted. Being a Jennifer... there were tons of us in the late 70's/early 80's (like 5 Jennifers in my 2nd grade class). I HATED my name. And more importantly, I depised the name Janet. Why? Well, it is my twin sister's name. I love her... but everyone and I mean EVERYONE always called me Janet. Rarely did they call her Jennifer. I really wish I knew why! BTW: I wanted my daughter who is Kiera to be Felicity and my son who is Brock to be Kenneth. And my precious pug, I wanted her to be Pumpkin (maybe Dolce is better tho).

Yesterday, I wrote a letter to Milles. Milles is my treadmill. It took me a while to come up with his name but Milles fits him. I really want to fall for him. I pledge to try. I pledge to run 8 miles this morning. I placed my gatorade and iPod on Milles last night. I left me shoes on his back. My clothes were set out. I was DETERMINMED! I went to bed ready to really try and run 8 miles on Milles this morning.

But something happened.

I woke up to my clock flashing 12:00. We lost power at some point during the night! As I posted last week I substitute ocassionally at my children's elementary school. I had subbed 2 days in a row for a 1st grade class and I guess I was tired.

I NEVER set an alarm. I wake up freakishly early... like usually before 4am. I wasn't alarmed at first, until I looked at my phone and it was after 6am. WHAT? How in the world did I sleep in? I was devastated. I would have to stand up Milles and Tony.

I am subbing today too. I am watching my friend's children tonight (so they can have a date night). I wont be free to run until after 8pm, but I have a long bike ride and my first BRICK tomorrow, so that just doesn't make sense. I feel lazy. My abs... well, they missed Tony this morning.

On the bright side, at least I CAN run. My girl G... well, she isn't running. Go to her blog here and give her some LOVE!

And I feel rested. I think I can rock that long bike ride and BRICK tomorrow.
What are you weekend training plans?
And to all of my friends out there running Disney: Good luck and I am praying that you have an awesome race and remain injury free. Go get'em!


misszippy said...

That is so frustrating! I've had it happen. The good news is it's only one run and in the end, your training will be fine without it.

Paige (Two Runners And A Brown Dog) said...

I agree with misszippy!!! In the scheme of things, missing a run is ok.

And if you really want the recipe for what have been called the Best Brownies Ever, here's the link:

I haven't made them myself, but I've heard lots of good things about them! Happy Friday!

momof3 said...

AWE~ thanks for the shout out. I feel really torn. I'm committing to this recovery in the same way I would commit to a training plan... and at the same time, I'm sitting here thinking I could just take the boot off and go for a run right now, there's nothing stopping me except a little pain... but then I think, everything happens for a reason, and this is my time to "not run". Wow. I just hijacked your blog.... sorry.

SO on to YOU ~ I hated the name Jennifer. Being a G~, I got called Jennifer all the fipping time. What's so HARD about the name G~, so I totally "get it".

I think maybe sleeping in for 1 day, standing up Tony, etc and so forth, maybe it was a sign from (ahem) and you need the rest. I'm just sayin'. If everything happens for a reason... It's one day. One day doesn't make a habit. One day makes a "day off". Besides, we both know you're going to spend the weekend making it up.