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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jingled All the Way

On Sunday, TriGuy picked me up early so we could head to DC for the Jingle All the Way 10k. It was much warmer than we had expected (meaning I should have worn my cute skirt) but it was raining and had rained all night long. He stopped at McDonald's to get his standard pre-race breakfast: two breakfast burritos and a large Diet Coke. Yeah, I started to have my doubts about whether this was a smart decision for my pacer. I tried not to allow my doubts to surface as he apparently does well when he eats this breakfast and the one race he did not do his best, he skipped this tradition, so history meant something at this point

I wasn't nervous. I had already said that it wasn't going to be a huge PR since he conditions were not perfect, but hoped for the best. TriGuy is an awesome DJ and kept the tunes going as we headed to DC. When we reached our turn off, the police had it blocked off... which made me thankful once again that I was NOT driving. This would have TOTALLY flustered me. TriGuy just kept driving and we eventually parked on the other side of the tidal bisin and had a short walk to the start line.

I opted to wear my red UA cold gear shirt, black UA cold gear tights, red and white striped socks and a white visor to keep the rain out of my eyes. I would show you a picture, but I forgot to take one. Sorry. I thought I looked cute in my socks, but since like every other chic had them on, I was bummed that I wasn't creative enough to pick something else. I thought about wearing a Santa hat, but really, I wanted a PR more than I wanted to look good.

We walked most of the way to the start line, and then jogged a little and made it just in time for the race to start. It was crowded... VERY crowded with a lot of people dressed in Christmas outfits. There was even Three Wise Men. It was so crowded that the corrals could not fit us all.... which sucked. TriGuy told me to just stay with him as we weaved to get our spot.

TriGuy also convinced me to run naked and allow him to pace me. He wore my Garmin. This was HUGE and I hated every minute of it. But I have to admit, he was a good pacer. We made it through the crowd and stayed together. I wish people who are slower would run to the right and NOT start at the front. SERIOUSLY.  Most of what TriGuy said to me was, "Slow Down!" or "Easy". I guess I was running too fast, but it is hard not to speed up as you are passing people and weaving. I felt great and at the 3 miler mark, the time concerned me - 28:34.... but I had not thought about us not crossing the start line for a couple of minutes. TriGuy was talking to me and I mainly listened. He even commented that my breathing was unusual. I was feeling good, but knew that I was pushing it.... and really REALLY wanted to know what our pace was.... running naked is not fun when you are trying to PR.

At mile 4, TriGuy said that this was a very long stretch and maybe we would pick it up around mile 5. My stomach started to feel funny, but I thought it was because I was hungry. Mile 5 came a went and while I thought we had picked it up, later I would find out that we had not. TriGuy encouraged met to sprint it in... but I suddenly felt nauseous. I usually gag in winter races after I finished, but I felt like I was going to throw up. And as I started to pick it up as we were running in the last .2 with spectators lining the street, I started dry heaving as I was running (btw: TriGuy was running backwards encouraging me - yeah backwards at a pace you will find out soon). This has NEVER happened to me while I was running. I was so embarrassed.

And seconds after crossing the finish line, as TriGuy was trying to show me our time, I vomited. Yep... real sexy, huh? Thankfully I did not vomit on him - on my hand only (oh a little on the shirt). And then I was fine! I HAVE NO IDEA why this happened.... and to think I was doubting TriGuy's breakfast when my usual had failed me. I really felt ashamed of the vomit and embarrassed that TriGuy witnessed it.

Want to know how we did? Our splits:

Mile 1: 8:16
Mile 2: 8:16
Mile 3: 8:16
Mile 4: 8:16
Mile 5: 8:19
Mile 6: 8:10
Mile .2: 7:38

Total time: 51:41 - a PR by 10 minutes. And how awesome did TriGuy do pacing me? We practically ran the same pace the whole race. SERIOUSLY! I would share him, but I still need him for more races.

I was so happy and do you know what... I still had some energy left. We were so cold walking in the rain back to his car, I asked him if we could jog... and we did. Must be nice that we still could run. Maybe I can get a 45 min 10k... someday!

The morning ended WONDERFULLY.


Caroline said...

10 minutes!!!!! WOW!!! Fantastic!!! congrats!!! does he have a twin?!

Terri said...

That is an awesome time - what a great job and what a great pacer! :)

Jenn said...

Awesome job! Way to SMOKE your PR! Congrats!

misszippy said...

That's an awesome story, from the vomit to the PR! Hold onto that pacer!

Lisa said...


Whitney said...

Wow, congrats on your PR.

MomRunningFromCancer said...

WOW - that is quite the way to smash your previous PR.


coach dion said...

I like it, but what was the 3rd mile??? so you want to know if 45min is possible? well my answer is: why not, it's only 60sec per mile faster and I bet you have lots still in you... So get out there and get use to running at 7min/mile. We'll all be shouting for you.

Amanda@runninghood said...

What a fantastic reason to celebrate! That's a big PR! Well done!

Karen said...

Awesome time!

Pam said...

Talk about consistency!!! Great race!!!