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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Where has my run gone?

December proves to be a lot of running around for most people and the running I am writing about isn't the one with a pair of shoes on your feet.

After looking at my totals for the week, I was quite disappointed that I have barely run 5 miles this week. WHY?

My last skirt race till Spring
1. I HATE running in the cold weather. Well, not really running in cold weather, stepping out the door to run in cold weather. There is something about a warm bed, a warm house, and even my cold gear running outfit inside my warm car. But to step out of the warmth takes A LOT of will power. A LOT of determination. Honestly for me, stepping out of the warmth takes more effort than finishing the marathon and I am not exaggerating.

2. I have been cross training everyday - P90X style. I wake up normally just after 4am and instead of rolling over, I get out of my warm bed (remember, the house is still warm) and head to the basement (not as warm as my bedroom for sure) and pop in a DVD and "do my best and forget the rest!"

3. I have met a friend, WondeR, at the gym for two "personal" sessions. I cannot call them personal training sessions because I am not certified and really have no idea what I am talking about. What I can give her is companionship, tough love (think - more intensity, and "Come on, you can do two more"), proper form (from what I read and my own sessions with a trainer), and accountability - after all, being accountable to some one is VERY important. (So I need to go back to posting my weekly goals)

4. I had planned to swim 3x this week but only made it once. It was my first 1/2 mile swim without stopping to take a break. It renews my love for the pool, and yes, I still feel comfortable in my new suit!

5. I had planned to get on the bike at the gym 3x this week too, but again, only made it once... my furthest on a bike in a couple years - 5 miles. My right quad started to hurt after, but it should not have prevented me from getting on the bike - after all, I was at the gym. And I still have not purchased a bike. I am going to another store this morning and hope my decision will be clear so I can make the purchase!!!!!

I miss the pavement. I miss just getting out there, early and getting my miles on. The above list is just excuses for not getting out there. TriGuy wanted to run today and I said, but I am racing tomorrow. Seriously, a 10k has made me taper to only 5 miles this week? I think I ran more than that the week before my marathon.

I think it has a lot to do with balance. I am used to balancing my mileage and family. But to try and prepare for a Triathlon is going to take LOTS of work. I want to start a plan in January for an April Sprint Tri, but I am also running a 1/2 marathon in March (sorry ladies, did not sign up for Nations Marathon, chose the 1/2) and entered a lottery for a 10-miler that is the weekend after the 1/2 marathon.

Looking back at the week, I think stressing about getting my run, swim, and bike on (not to mention getting ready for Christmas, working, and finishing up my classes - have lots of essays due by Monday and next Saturday), I ended up not getting "enough" in. The scale even has gone up. Not by a lot (okay this morning is was up by 3 lbs) and my clothes don't feel tighter, but I liked see the number below 120 for a while.

Where do I go from here?

1. Try my best to rock the 10k tomorrow (praying the ran/snow holds off)
2. Post my weekly goals.
3. Step out of the warmth because once I get out, I am good.

How do you cope with training for multiple events and getting your run on in the cold?


Rene' said...

I am with you on the cold. I have bought myself so cute cold clothes, I try to meet a friend and I have a training plan. Although today I am on my own for 12. wish me luck.

Carly said...

I hate the cold but agree that once I am out there it is actually refreshing (as long as it is not below zero)

Tricia said...

love that pic! I have that skirt, but with capri underneath

Sara said...

My running must be somewhere with yours! Sounds like you have a great plan to get back into it - mind sharing your motivation with me?!?!? ;)

Caroline said...

tape #3 on your fridge!

XLMIC said...

Anyone who is doing P90X is NO slacker! You may not be logging the miles but you are still 'bringing it'! lol I Love Tony! It's hard for me to do P90X because his jokes and hokiness make me giggle something fierce.

kimert said...

THe cold gets me every time, but I made a promise to myself that this winter I would get out in it to run. Last week I did 2 outdoor runs. That's good for me. And I need to add to that if I expect to run a half this coming spring.
I agree with the others though, you aren't a slacker at all! I admire your for how much you are doing!! Keep up the great work!

MomRunningFromCancer said...

With the right clothes combo - I love running in cold weather - I actually much prefer it over hot humid conditions.

coach dion said...

Think of all the great cloths you can put on... I haven't run with a shirt (except races) in over 20 years, it's never cold enough here in Cape Town, so put on all that great gear and run baby run!!!

chris mcpeake said...

I always find december a tough month to run but before you know it april will be here again

kizzy said...

Great post...Keep posting..
--I prefer running without shoes. My toes didn't get cold. Besides, if I'm in front from the start, no one can step on them. ~Michelle Dekkers - smartwool