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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Millennium Trail Twice Over

Today, I ran (mostly) 20 miles. It was hard... but I finished... we finished.

I need to go back to the beginning. Since this was the only real day to test my marathon outfit, I did. Here I am before heading out. Kiera snapped the picture and Dolce seemed to like it to.

I got started a little later than I had planned because I was waiting for the sun to rise. It was cool, but not enough to test the trash bag... I think I will save that until race day.

My plan was to run the Millennium Trail once and then meet Bob on the trail for the next 10 miles. I walked about 1/2 mile and then jogged lightly before hitting the start line. I was trying not to run fast... but inevitably, I did. I felt good and strong so I just "ran" with it... here are my splits:

Mile 1: 9:04
Mile 2: 9:29
Mile 3: 9:44
Mile 4: 9:25
Mile 5: 9:43
Mile 6: 9:51
Mile 7: 10:29

At mile 7, my right IT band started to feel a little tight. I have NEVER had any troubles with my right IT band before.

Mile 8: 9:59
Mile 9: 9:55
Mile 10: 10:43

By mile 10.5, I could see Bob on the trail in front of me. He started to jog slowly until I caught up to him. I did not even have to stop. I was relieved to see him and I explained the pain I was having. He guided me into the correct running posture to make sure my hips were moving. When I ran with the hips, the pain subsided.

Mile 11: 9:49
Mile 12: 10:33
Mile 13: 11:02
Mile 14: 11:03
Mile 15: 12:20

By mile 15, my IT band was really hurting and a LARGE hill loomed in front of my. On my first go around, I ran the mile that included the hill in 9:43... and this time, I opted to walk up it. Bob obliged me. I did power walk it and concentrated on moving my hips.

Trying to start running after the hill really hurt!!! My legs felt tight and my left knee - the outside part.. you know where the IT band runs down... really HURT!

Mile 16: 12:53
Mile 17: 13:41

By 17, I wanted to give up. If Bob wasn't there, I probably would have. I wanted to cry... I was in so much pain. We walked more and more.

Mile 18: 13:24
Mile 19: 13:46

I needed to keep running... any more stopping and I would have just died. Obviously, we were running slow by the time.

At mile: 19.2, we had a HUGE hill and so we opted to walk up it... and then run out the .6... which seemed to take forever.

Mile 20: 12:26

The problem is that we hit mile 20... about 2 miles from the house. We walked a little way and rested. Bob congratulated me but really... it was hard to accept the fact that I had just ran (mostly) 20 miles.

We started to walk home and at 3/4 of a mile, Bob called his wife to come pick us up. What a doll!!!! As we waited for her, I sat in the wet grass... and stretched and decided to look at my splits. NO WONDER I was in so much pain... I started out WAY TO FAST.

I am glad that I experienced this... because I hope I remember how I felt when I finished today. I want it to remind me to run slower at the start.

I am thrilled it is over... I am excited to taper... but I am not going to lie. By mile 17, I was seriously wondering how I would ever make it to 26.2. I am still not sure how I will... but I am going to take the lessons learned from today's run... and make my plan.

On the outfit side: It worked perfect.... no issues, no chaffing!!! Yay!

For now... I am going to go roll my legs and continue to have the kids use "the stick" on my IT band so I can walk tomorrow.

How did your long/race go?


Claire said...

Good job!!!! Your outfit is adorable!

Rene' said...

i think that you are going to have a great marathon, you have followed your plan and you are ready. just take your time and it will be fine. i am cheering because i want to see you in March at the National:)

Running Diva Mom said...

First off --- rock star outfit, too cute!

You wanted to finish this training run ... but you didn't! You finished the 20 miles whether you ran, walked or crawled. Be proud of that fact. It's nice to have a great support system.

Great job!

Molly said...

yay for the outfit working out! You did awesome, you are going to rock the whole 26.2.

and BTW, you look fab!!

Lisa said...

glad the outfit worked priority would be looking cute first, worrying about splits second.

best wishes with the IT pain

Angie Bishop said...

Nicely done lady!! I love the outfit. You look so trim and fit!

Karen said...

cute outfit! Way to power through the run :)

momof3 said...

So what did you learn today? Because that's really what the 20 is all about. I'm super proud of you. You RAN 20 MILES! Holy COW! Just think about!

OK, that outfit is better than awesome... it's seriously fab. I love the skirt.

Now. I'm off to run my 20.

MomRunningFromCancer said...

Great job on the 20 miler - getting it done - one way or another.
The outfit is too cute. Love the flippy skirt.

Kirsten said...

Nicely done! Getting that 20 miler is a huge accomplishment and you did so well! As for the next 6.2 miles, they will just be there, you've trained for them and they will happen. It's always hard to comprehend that on your first one. Stopping mid-run and doing the standing IT band stretch really helps and usually if you start stretching as soon as you notice any pain or tightness it can help tremendously. For me, if I start stretching as soon as I notice the IT, the pain subsides instead of getting worse. But congrats again on the run! ENJOY the taper!! woo hoo!

Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS said...

I had the same problem on my long run this weekend. Will you post an update on the IT later this week, and the rolling/stretching you do to help?

Michelle said...

Adorable outfit! Way to go on the 20 miles! Enjoy your taper!

Kate said...

yay!! i will know you when i see you by that adorable outfit! i will be in the back - the 5 hour pace or more. i am taking it slow and steady since my it i tight and i'm so fearful of injury. just want to finish!!! you will do awesome. rest that IT as much as you can and don't feel any guilt over it. i wish i had done that last year!

Heather said...

Your outfit is too cute!!

Enjoy your taper and good luck on the run.

(And yes she is a doll for picking y'all up. That is great!)

April said...

Love, love, love the race outfit! You look fantastic!
Way to go on the 20 miles! Will be praying your IT band is in tip top shape for race day.