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Thursday, October 14, 2010

"I look good with my clothes on..."

As many of you know, I have lost a lot of weight. Not as much as some of my fellow bloggers... but a lot to me. As of this morning, I weigh 125. This weight loss has transformed me back into the runner that I used to be, the runner that was trapped in my body when I was at my heaviest.

People are amazed, surprised and even stunned at my transformation. I have not ever really been a good receiver of compliments. Usually I shrug them off or change the subject or WORSE, refute their claim. Recently, I had someone say that I look so good, and healthy and... (wait for it) FIRM!

Firm? REALLY? My first thought was, "I look good with my clothes on" but naked, well, I can definitely pick apart my body like any teenage girl out there today (sad that teenagers have such bad body images - I see it a lot in working with the youth at my church - oh and don't be amiss... teenage boys have just as many complexes about their bodies as girls).

I am relatively young.... 33, shouldn't I still have some faith that my skin (with the proper workout) will return to its glory days of being FIRM? I did not lose hundreds of pounds, but I feel like I have A LOT of excess skin. I know it could be worse... and it really isn't bothering anyone but me, but it DOES bother me.

When I run, I feel the excess skin "flapping" in the wind. Sometimes I think my triceps will take flight, not because of my speed, but because of their ability to flap!

So I come to you today... besides surgery... is there any hope for me out there? To get those tight abs (oh I have them under the layers of skin), firm buttocks, and triceps that don't wave hello and goodbye at the same time?

Please... SHARE your secrets for success or just commiserate with me.

And on the running front (since this is a running blog): My IT band has decided to return herself to the unknown - be invisible. I am pleased that I have had 2 successful runs without it bothering me. Both of my runs (one 5 miler and one 4 mile PACE) were running with my daughter know that she can ride her bike without training wheels. I am definitely enjoying the time with her and I have a feeling that she is going to make me faster one day - it is hard to keep up with her.


Kirsten said...

Jen, you look great. You're in amazing shape, your body is transformed, you are a gorgeous, fit, toned, healthy woman! I relate to how you're feeling, and I think it is about accepting yourself. I say this to myself too because every day I could show you every single part of my body that I dislike, where I think I have fat rolls, and really it's all in my head. We as women are so critical of ourselves. Even in the height of Ironman training and marathon training, I can pick my body apart-and that is when I am in the best possible shape I can be in. That's why I know it is in my head. And it's in your head too. We need to love ourselves and celebrate being healthy and accept the fact that we DO look good!

Lisa said...

We're always our own worst enemy. Even with the photos where you are trying to demonstrate your point, I don't see what the problem is. Real life isn't photo shopped, and you honestly look fantastic!

One Crazy Penguin said...

I would kill for a stomach like that! Sometimes you just have to go on faith and trust other people's opinions :)

Pam said...

Oh, Jen, this made me laugh out loud. I weigh exactly 10 lbs more than you, and it's all in my triceps and butt. I sooooo feel you on the triceps. I used to be pretty toned, but since running entered the picture, the little dab of weight training I used to do has gotten pushed to the back burner. I have my mother's arms now.

As for nonsurgical options, my sister-in-law would tell you to pierce it and tan it. LOL She's a trip. She has the stereotypical mom-of-three belly, and she says stretchmarks and flab are more attractive if they're tan and decorated.

But, girl, I think you look great!!!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

I have lost about 50 pounds (post babies)and ofc course fight daily for the "last 10." Having a few years on you I can say that I wonder if skin every catches up with the muscles underneath. When I do my yoga and lift I feel "tighter" but the quaility of my skin is not what it was when I was 25. I remind myself that this body has seen me through a lot and life has been a give and take...a bit more on the take. But I (most days) can let that little bit of wiggle go as long as I am working on staying fit.
You look great! We are always hardest on ourselves.

misszippy said...

I am SO impressed that you have lost that kind of weight. Cannot even imagine--I am always struggling with my stubborn 5! You should celebrate your accomplishment and feel confident that you look awesome!

Michelle said...

You look awesome!! After I came back from my bloggy break and saw your pictures - I was like WOW, she looks great! You really do! (envy, envy!)

I've started working on planks which has helped tone my arms slowly (I feel like I have flabby arms, too).