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Friday, October 15, 2010

Long run... on Friday

I usually do my long run on Saturdays. But the kids had off today and Lyle was home sick (allergies kept him up all night), so I decided to do my long run today! It was a cold start so I warmed up by walking, then walking briskly, then a slight jog.... until I reached the "start line".

I opted to run the trail that I had run last Saturday... you know, for my 20 miler.... backwards. Not literally backwards, but the course backwards. I wanted to remember the pain I was feeling last week because I started out too fast. By running the course backwards, it meant that I had to run up a HUGE hill in the beginning... but then I flashed back to the marathon course and remember that I would be running up a slightly smaller hill at mile 26... so  I better just suck it up... and run up it slow.

Mile 1 split: 11:09

At first the 11:09 shocked me, but I remembered that I wanted to run slow to start... to practice for the marathon. It was cold still and I could see my breath and I started to wonder if my running skirt and knee high socks would be enough for the marathon in 2 weeks.

Mile 2 split: 10:39

Okay, I was a little shocked at the time again, but the other way. I thought I was running slower but I wasn't. UGH!

Mile 3 split: 10:00

WHAT? I thought I was running slower. Unfortunately, I had lots of breaks at stop lights, so I guess I was more speedy than I wanted to be.

Mile 4 split: 11:07

Okay I was able to slow down... but I do not want to be more than 11 minute miles.

Mile 5 split: 10:59

Better but I started to feel a twinge in my IT by my knee. I stopped to stretch like my sister-in-law showed me in her blog HERE.

Mile 6 split: 11:38

My knee and my hip started to hurt along the outside despite the stetching by mile 6.5. I stopped 3 times and did the above stretch - see link above in blue.

Mile 7 split: 10:09

I have no idea why that one is so fast... it hurt when I walked so I decided to just run but slower.... but not according to my time.

Mile 8 split: 10:50

This mile felt like it took forever. I got hot so I removed my jacket and was cold, but decided to just run with it. It was mostly in the sun, so I figured I would warm up.

Mile 9 split: 10:01

Again, I have no idea why the time is so fast. I think I even stretched the IT during this mile too.

Mile 10 split: 10:49

I stretched 4 times during this mile... at every stop light and then twice because the pain was so intense.
Mile 11 split: 10:08

I wanted to walk home (but not as bad as last week) but with only 2 mile left, I decided to run... it did not feel fast, but a lot of it was down hill.

Mile 12 split: 9:15

I have NO IDEA where this speed came from... maybe I was just happy to get home.

So, I was wrong to say that my IT band pain disappeared. It was just hiding. I iced her. I stretched her. I sticked her. And I rolled her!!!

I am going to have to do some serious research about ITs... and figure out more plans if this happens during the marathon.


teacherwoman said...

Do you do any strength training? I know that once I started doing my BodyPump class weekly and really strengthening my quads, hams, and glutes, it has helped my knees tremendously! When I struggled with knee issues all of last year, my PT said that many women have really weak glutes, which can cause knee issues.

teacherwoman said...

Great job on the run, despite the IT issues!

H Love said...

IT band needs to sit and ans stay quiet! Enough of her! Good luck!

momof3 said...

teacher woman is onto something - it's about core strength *though, seriously, don't you do P90X? & hamstring strength. Lot's of runners have weak hammys. But it's a tad late for that now, given that you're in TAPER MODE!

So, you might try getting a deep tissue massage (try a chiropractor with ART certification for an ART session). It will break up any scar tissue that's built up from over use.

And yea, have a mental game plan.

Kirsten said...

ART is good advice for your IT! :) Good job on the run! If it hurts in the marathon you can just stop and stretch as much as you need to and get to the finish line.

Kiesha said...

Wow, I'm impressed you remembered so many details. I must zone out when I run cause generally the only thing I remember at the end of the run is either one of two things....

1 - I felt really good today
2 - Man that really kicked my butt!

I'm looking forward to reading what you find about the IT band. My knee has been just a little funky lately and I'm thinking it might be my band.

Kate said...

deep tissue - massage therapy - all the way. it's not too late. get one early this week for half hour. and one next wed. or so before the 3 rest days. i've had 4 sessions my brother gave me as a gift. i truly believe it's the only reason i'm getting to the finish line this time around! praying for you!!