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Monday, September 13, 2010

"Woe is me"

I have NOT been blogging. Why? Well, I have NOT been running? Why? Because my "shin area" still hurts. It is sore just wearing my running shoes. It is NOT sore when barefoot. Why? I have NO IDEA!

I went to the Ortho Doc last Wednesday. I really like him because he is a SPORTS Doctor... meaning, he isn't just going to say rest unless he really means it. He understands that as athletes, we want to get back into the "game". He was the doctor who told me after my knee surgery (had my ACL replaced and meniscus repaired back in June of 2008) that I "had to get the weight off". Some might balk at his boldness, but sometimes, tough love is just what the doctor ordered.

On Wednesday, I talked with the doctor. He was pleased with my weight loss but then was concerned about what I was describing in my shin area. He ordered an x-ray which is conveniently in his office. The x-ray did not show anything obvious and he then ordered more: REST.

He asked me to rest until Wednesday (7 days from his first seeing me) and if it was still hurting, we would then get an MRI to get a better image. He said that on Monday or Tuesday to run slowly and see if the pain was still there.

Since I am not the best patient in the world, I figured that yesterday, Sunday, was really 7 days since I had been resting and decided to test my leg. I got dressed in my regular running clothes... even sported the treadmill running shirt that I gaveaway a little while ago. I headed to my friend's house to use her treadmill.... and decided to run for only a mile... and to run slow!

Total mileage: 1.01
Time Elapsed: 15:13 (I told you... I ran very slowly)

Results: It STILL hurt. It was not as intense as before, but it was definitely present. It started subtle and then by the end was constant and in the same area. As I went up her stairs (her treadmill is in her basement), the pain increased. Upon reaching the top, I examined my leg and the red puffing swelling (as pictured previously) returned. UGH!

My friend allowed me to vent a little while I iced it. She was very encouraging... but I still was disappointed.

I called my Doc promptly at 8am this morning when they opened and got a prescription for a MRI. Called the imaging center... and got an appointment at 11:30. By 1pm, with image CD in hand, I left the office. Unfortunately, my doctor is in surgery all day today so I doubt I will get the results. I wish I could read the images... maybe I should be in Med School instead of Seminary.

So I wait. And I pray. At this point, I just want to know what is causing the pain. I will deal with the results of the answer later. I am slightly concerned that only the shin area was imaged... since the pain does go to the top of my foot.... but one thing at a time, right?

As I read your blogs and try not to comment negatively since I am jealous of your long runs and races, I cannot help to think what the pavement would feel like right now. Fall is finally here and after suffering through our hot summer... I cannot run... yet.

On a positive note: the Parks 1/2 Marathon was yesterday. This was the race that Bob was training for and I was his running partner for. I was not able to run with him, but I went to the 5 mile mark and cheered him on. His family was at the finish line. I gave him my Garmin to use... and he did AWESOME! He did the 3 minutes run/45 second walk for about 10 miles and total time was 2:17. I was so proud of him and his splits were SPECTACULAR!!!! I cried when I saw my friends running by... wishing I was with them. Bob picked up my race packet for me... but I feel like  a fraud if I wear the shirt.

I am down... and I will be happy again soon.... and to bring you back... I gotta a giveaway coming up from a FAMOUS blogger who was started herself a little business that has really rocked my world.


teacherwoman said...

Sorry to hear about your pain. I am hoping you will figure out what's going on soon, so you can move on to healing and get back into training injury-free!

momof3 said...

OH Jen! I have walked a mile in your shoes. IF I could go back to when I got hurt I would do exactly what you've done.
Don't wait.
GO for the MRI.
GO harass your MD.
GO for a second opinion.
Ultimately I did end up with the MRI and the 2nd opinion... and the witch Dr, but Witch Dr's are harder to find than 2nd opinions. The OTHER thing I would do differently, is I would SWIM every day from now until they put a cast on you or tell you that swimming is not allowed, or until you're better. Don't sit. Go the the YMCA, or a local gym and get a 30 day trial membership... swim every day you can.


Big Hugs from me, Friend. I am so disappointed about this whole situation and I am praying that your MRI comes up clean and the pain goes away. But regardless of what happens, you will come back. And there will be other races. Including a spring half or full marathon with me and G if you are interested ...

Oh, and this famous blogger you speak of sounds intreguing ...

April said...

Sorry to hear about your obstacle. Praying for a good report! You have already overcome so much, this will be nothing for you to bounce back from!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Knowing how running is an important aspect of our lives, I wish I knew what to say as you face the not knowing. But I am praying that the problem has a fast and easy fix!

Amanda said...

It's so hard to rest when all you want to do is go!, but think about it as if God is gently leading you in the right way. What if you kept running and you ended up with a fracture. Maybe he's leading you to barefoot running...Remember you are his prized creation :)

Pam said...

I know you have to be so disappointed to be sidelined right now after having come so far. Know that I am praying for a quick recovery for you!

Lisa said...

first you need to figure out what is wrong. and you are doing that. then you can get it fixed. patience!

ajh said...

I totally get this as I am in the same place. It is hard to read about others running! Take care of yourself.

*~* *~* Tracy said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope you get a definitive answer from the MRI and are back on the road soon!

Kate said...

resting is GOOD. hang in there. chin up. you WILL get over this. and you still have an amazing base to jump back in when the time is right. the run walk method would be a great way to ease back in when you can. i hear it keeps injuries at bay at a higher percentage.
and wear that shirt with pride. you trained for that half, and ran many long runs that exceeded the 13.1!
hugs :)

MomRunningFromCancer said...

I typed a post - but it went to never never land. ;-)

Hoping that you get the MRI results ASAP. Waiting it tough - but you need to know what is going on and hoping that this will provide some answers.

With my stress fracture I couldn't run for 6 weeks. It seemed long at the time and frustrating when I read other posts about running and training. But it was over and I am back to it.

I know that you will be back to running soon. I am sending prayers your way.

lindsay said...

MRIs are so fun. Well, the pictures are, as long as there is nothing serious going on of course. I had one on my head - expensive!!

Anyway hope the results come back ok - an answer, but nothing serious!

MomRunningFromCancer said...

Sending prayers and hugs this morning.

Laura B. Jog for Joubert Syndrome said...

i know what you mean...being jealous of everyone else around you running with healthy legs. i wonder if i should get an MRI also....ive been out of commission for 6 WEEKS!!!! i just read your latest update also....hope you get results soon and my thoughts and prayers for you and your family after your loss.