John 8:32 "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." NIV

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Still waiting....

I am still waiting to find out if I can run. My MRI was Monday... and I left town on Tuesday morning to head to NC for my 91 year old grandfather's funeral. I called the office at 8am to have the doctor call me regarding my results. After a few minutes of trying to tell me that they did not have them (I had already verified with the imaging center that they did indeed have them), they told me they would send him an email to call me. I told them I was happy to make an appointment to come in again, but I just wanted to know if I could run or not. By 2:30, having not heard from them, I called again. Started with the same run around about it taking up to 48 hours to get the results (why can't they spend a minute to check first? I mean they look so stupid when I told them they were there since the recptionist had already read them to me.), she said she would have the doctor call me.

And like any dutiful patient, at 2:30 today, when I still had not heard from them, I called and he wants an appointment with me to go over the results with me. Seriously, Doc - can I run or not?

As I travel home from the funeral, I am still unable to run. I has been 11 days and 8 hours since my last REAL run... and YES, I am going through withdrawl. My followup appointment is now Friday at 9:30. I pray it is good news. I am suffering here.... running is my escape, my time with God - listening, praying, thinking.... and I tell you - I am a better mom when I run. My family needs me to run as much as I need to run! Did I mention that I wasn't a good patient?

Hope you are running and listening to your body so you won't be injuried like me. And being surrounded by family as we celebrated my grandfather's full life, you start to cherish what is really important.

Seriously... giveaway is tomorrow... too hard to do from my phone!