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Sunday, September 5, 2010

The 20 miler that didn't happen...

I find it kind of ironic that in my last post, I was complaining that I wanted to run more than my MTP called for and yet, I did NOT complete my long run.

So, what happened you wonder? To be frank... I do not know exactly, so I will start at the beginning.

Saturday started out wonderful. We had PERFECT temps here in MD and I was scheduled to run 19 miles. Last Saturday, I had run 18.5, so 19 did NOT seem hard. My plan was to run 19 and if I felt good, to add the extra mile.

All week long, I was getting kind of cocky... you know bragging that I had a 20 miler planned. I was excited to cross it off the list. Bob took me down to Haines Point where miles 11-15 would be run at my marathon. I ran 5.1 miles out around the tidal basin (on a concrete path) to the Capital, around the reflection pond and back around the tidal basin to Bob waiting to start out 14 miler. I ran pretty fast for a long run. I actually surprised Bob. I finished 5.1 miles in 46 minutes - way faster than it should have been.

When I met Bob we started to run and something was feeling funny on my left foot. As we passed a bathroom, I decided to stop, use the facilities and retie my shoe. It still wasn't right. I stopped again... and again... and then finally, I wasn't thrilled with the way it felt, but it was fine. We ran around Haines Point and chatted... everything was good. I felt great!

As we were starting around the Tidal Basin again, I started to get a sharp pain on my left leg around mile 8.5. At first it was just annoying. I thought maybe it was because I had run a lot on the concrete path around the basin. I chose the grass or pavement but the annoying sharp pain persisted.

By mile 9.5, I stopped, retied my shoe, stretched a little and tried to pinpoint where the pain was coming from. Bob and I discussed it and it did not seem like shin splits. At mile 10, I decided to give in to the pain. And despite that being a short sentence. I did not give up easily. I walked a little and then tried running again... after 3 strides the sharp pain returned so much so that I would hobble. I did not have the pain while I was walking nor when I ran a little with my shoes off (strange, I know).

I kept walking and then trying to run. Bob was VERY patient with me. He wanted me to wait there while he got the car, but I wasn't ready to completely give up. We walked the mile back to the car and I felt defeated. I wasn't even tired... I was barely sweating (partly because it was so cool - perfect running weather).... I wanted to run 20 MILES and the pain in my leg was preventing me from doing it.

As we approached the car, I tried one more time to run. I made it ten strides and then the pain came back. I KNOW it was the right decision... but I have to figure out why. Is this shin splits? Did my fall on the treadmill do more damage than I thought?

I iced my shin while Bob drove the MCM course. I rested my leg the remainder of the day... and when we were walking to our friend's house in the neighborhood for dinner, I laced up my running shoes and the pain returned - WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?

So the questions are:

Do I have shin splits?

Do I need new shoes (my shoes and super feet only have 200 miles on them)?

Are the Brooks Adrenaline not right for my foot anymore (I have been wearing them for 6 years)?

Am I running too many miles? I am running Hal's Intermediate II plan, yet I haven't ever trained for a marathon before. Yes, I have smoked the miles up until this point... but maybe it is just too much.

I have decided to test my leg out tomorrow on the treadmill (thanks to Bob for that advice) and if it feels fine, then try to run slow around the hood. Also, I was scheduled for a 5-10-5-10-13 (1/2 marathon - Parks Half-Marathon race) this week, but under the guidance of my sister-in-law, Kirsten, I am going to run 5-5-5-5-1/2 marathon race.

Do you have any advice?


Lisa said...

I've never had shin splints but I've had my share of injury and when it hurts (the bad kind of hurt) you need to rest. So you did the right thing. Best wishes figuring things out

abbi said...

I had a similar issue last week and skipped my first scheduled 20 miler. I'm trying Higdon Int. 1 too and had kept up fine until that point. Achy shins and some achilles troubles. I skipped the long run, rested that day and then took it easy on the runs during the week and completed a successful 20 very glad I took the rest!

Ruthie said...

I am new to your blog, my sister sent me a email with your link :) . I am so sorry about your injury. I have a few questions.....
1. were you on the concrete during most of your run? could be the concrete is the problem.. to many miles on concrete :)
2. what surface were you on last Saturday when you ran? (is this something that actually happened last week???) hum....
3. If you have been running in the same shoe for 6 years with no problems why would you want to switch?
4. How much are you stretching?

I would suggested rest. You said you took the first 5 miles too fast... It could be as simple as that....5 miles too fast and not enough rest from the previous week. Take it easy and rest for a few days.
If you can do 19 miles.. you can do 20. I mean come on .. its just one more mile. thats nothing.

It could be the intermediate is a bit too much and doesnt have enough rest for your first marathon:) but that doesnt mean you cant alter your plan :)

I have a completely different look on marathoning than what most plans and runners think. I try to not worry about time, or pace.... by that I mean... Marathoning for me is about relaxation, time to think, and freedom. I dont want to be strapped to a watch and worrying about where I will finish. Someone is always better than me. I am a marathoner.. no matter where I finish.. no matter how long it takes me :) and you are too! Its not how fast... but how far!

Try not to be discouraged. But be smart. LISTEN to your body! Rest. Reflect and you might rethink your plan.... do whats best for you.

have you ever heard of Marathoning for Mortals? Love that book for firstimers!

Blessings to you!

MomRunningFromCancer said...

Rest - Ice - Ibuprofen - take a nice slow and easy run to test it out. Usually you know when it is shin splints - it isn't a pain that is comparable to anything else (at least in my opinion). Hope it is feeling better.

Check out my post - I tagged you for the Cherry on Top Award!

misszippy said...

I would do the test run, as you are planning, and go from there. If it still hurts--go see a good sports doc to see what's going on. Hopefully it's not anything major!

Amy said...

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