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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August recap & letter to MTP

I cannot believe that August is over... and I cannot believe that I am in my 2nd full month of marathon training. Boy, have I gone where I never thought (although, I did plan) I would go.

Total Miles for August: 177 (most EVER)

Miles this year: 1,013 - I NEVER thought I would hit 1000+ miles before December.

And without further delay... I have something to say to my Marathon Training Plan!

Dear Marathon Traning Plan:

First, can I call you MTP? I certainly think since we have spent over 2 months together, I can give you a nickname, okay?

I love that I do not have to think about what I am going to run or how far. I love that you have set the stage with goals and really... all I have to do is meet them. Thanks a million.

But, my grief is that I am starting to feel bossed around. Like today, you only have 4 miles for me... but as my Garmin beeped 4 miles in 35:54, I wanted to keep going. I HAD the right stride; I was feel'in good.  But NOOOOOO, I had to stop because you said so!

Running used to be REALLY fun. Instead of just lacing up my shoes and hitting the pavement, I have to plan and verify what I am supposed to run. Seriously, MTP: I miss just running naked. You know, naked - without my Garmin. Running until I feel like I should stop. Enjoy the run. 

Maybe I am taking too much out on you. After all, I did choose you. I looked over many plans, and I thought you were the BEST. And yes, you HAVE taken me farther than I ever imagined. I mean, I may never have reached 1000+ miles without you. And I do have faith that under your guide, I will be ready for the Marine Corp Marathon.

I just wanted you to know that while I do LOVE you... please do not get upset if I play with you as I am getting closer to the marathon. I may add a few miles on days that my legs feel good. I may run faster than you suggest or even slower - please forgive me.

And remember, when I cross the finish line on October 31, 2010... hopefully under 5 hours, please know that I will give you the credit (I will have to give GOD most of the credit - I hope you understand).




Tricia said...

awesome job on the august miles

misszippy said...

So nice that you are hitting those miles and feeling great! And hopefully MTP will understand when you step out of line a bit!

H Love said...

you have been really running! I know it will pay off in October.

April said...

Wow! Great mileage!! I'm sure MTP will understand..after all he would be nothing without you.

Running Diva Mom said...

I think you are going to surprise yourself, Jen! You're going to rock it! Great job on another awesome month!

MomRunningFromCancer said...

Great job. I am done with my major running events, other than a couple of 5 k's - and am enjoying every run. I am still trying to keep my "longish" runs up - but that will be 8-9 miles - love that distance. This morning I ran 6 miles without a garmin and I don't really know how long it took . . . and it doesn't matter. ;-)
Love to Run - doesn't matter the speed.

Anne said...

Awesome mileage!! Wow!!

momof3 said...

You're taking names and kickin' booty... love the miles!

Now, my MTP and I have a looser relationship than you have with yours. For example, last week my plan called for a 4, 8, 4, 13 & 8 ... and I ran a 4, 8, 4, 10, 18... you know what? I suck at following a plan.

Basically what I'm trying to say is this - if you're running and feel REALLY good at mile 4, embrace that moment, let your feet fly if you want, love the run.