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Friday, August 13, 2010

I made it

Yes, I officially drove to NC by myself with the kids. It was much harder than I thought it would be... probably having something to do with the traffic being a nightmare (took 3 hours to get from Bethesda, MD to Fredericksburg, VA - yeah!) Normally it would have been about 45 minutes.

Oh and then after getting just passed Fredericksburg to the middle of almost no where, Kiera announces that her ear hurts... strange, I kinda ignore it... and then right before Richmond, she is screaming in pain. Quickly call hubs to find a CVS Minute Clinic, and swing in there... She has a inner and outer ear infection - yay, us! That took an hour and we were back on the road. I made it to High Point, NC around 4:30pm. We left at 8:15. Yes, a long day.

So, why do you need to know this? Well, because I DID NOT Cross Train today. I made another executive decision to my Marathon Training Plan changed schedule (you know that I changed already this week) and I will cross train on Sunday... when I get home. I like making executive decisions and it is a good thing it is my plan.

My partner Bob will be running 14 by himself tomorrow. I will miss him... but I am glad my 16 miler is over. I got 8 miles in the morning - sounds like a piece of cake after 16 by myself!!!


Molly said...

wow, I can't believe she has an ear infection on top of that long ride! Nice job making the executive decisions Mom!

Lisa said...

It's a good thing you could stop and take care of the ear infection (diagnosis and meds, I presume) in only an hour. :-)

Angie Bishop said...

Hope that ear infection heals quickly!!
Safe travels :)

S Club Mama said...

Ear infections are NO fun! So sorry. :(

And I have heard of AWANA; there is a local chapter in a nearby town. Moose isn't old enough yet but perhaps next year.

lindsay said...

ohh that does not sound fun. hope her ear infection clears up quickly!