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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Running with my twin

On Saturday, my lovely twin sister woke up around 5am with me to run. Let me just preface this that Janet, used to be an AWESOME runner. In fact, she was ALWAYS way better than me at running.

Here we are at o-so-dark:... (man, look at those bags under my eyes after only one sleepless night with the kids in my bed... Janet looks great with a 2 month old - not to mention a 2 year old and 5 year old).

I had 8 miles, but I wanted to support Janet, so I ran as far as she wanted to go. I am very thrilled that Janet ran 1.5 miles with me at a 12 min/mile pace. I dropped her off at the entrance to her neighborhood and kept running.

Janet ran back to her house which makes her run a little over 2 miles. Yay!

My run was good. I had a hard time picking up the pace, so I stopped at mile 2 (for me), took a sip of water and started running again. It was strange how stopping allowed me to run faster. Pretty soon I was running between 8:30 miles and 9:15 miles. It felt good. It was overcast (when the sun came up) with a slight breeze but it was humid. I thought I would run to her church since the roads in High Point, NC do not have shoulders... but atlas, when I ended up at I-40, I had gone too far. I ran into the gas station on the exit and rinsed off a little, tinkled, and called Janet to let her know that I would be running more than 8 since my Garmin said 5.6 miles and I had to run back.

I also think it is pretty amazing how running back on an out and back run seems so much faster. I guess everything looks familiar and seems a little easier. I was really running fast and for the most part, the cars would get over generously for me. A couple of times I had to run in really high weeds, but I would rather do that than be hit by a car.

I made it back to Janet's house with 9.8 miles on my Garmin... and total time was: 1:33:01

Here we are after we finished (Janet snapped the pic of herself after her 2 miler and then of me)

It was fun running with Janet. I love encouraging her. Now, if she just decides to stop being a baby making machine, she will be beating me in NO time!



I love that you called her a baby making machine. too funny!

It will be awesome for you two to get to run together in the future!

Lisa said...

It's nice you were able to run together. :-)

Pam said...

It's just the opposite for me on an out-and-back. The out seems to go much faster than the back!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

My out and back is always faster on the way back, go figure!

Nice that Janet got out with you. 2 miles and a 2 month old - get her an 'att girl from me!

Nice run yourself miss skinny! 9+ miles! woo hoo

Kate said...

wow, you are doing so awesome! which training plan are you following?

Angie Bishop said...

I love your dedication! Very cool that you get to run with your sis too :)

ajh said...

I bet it was fun running with your twin. I don't think I could make myself run in tall weeds.

Josh said...

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