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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Babies and Balls and no school - OH MY!


Right now, my twin sister is on her way to the hospital to be induced with her third child. I wish I could be with her. The anticipation of this new life will make this be an agonizing day of waiting for news. News that everything is okay - that mom and baby are happy and healthy. This is a special baby that is being born today. My sister is choosing to name him Kenneth after my brother who went home to be with our Savior in August of 2002. Kenny was a great athlete who LOVED the Lord. This is a wonderful day for our family. Can my prayer warriors out there please say a prayer for my sister Janet this morning?

The other baby news is that Baby A turns 1 today. Brock and I are going to celebrate with her during the 4 hours I have her. I got her a new outfit and cute cars since she loves playing with Brock's cars. This year with Anya has been quite special. It was an awesome way to get a baby fix especially since I would love to have more children. Baby A is very special to me and I have loved every minute of this year. Tomorrow is my last day with her.


Well, I had made arrangements to run with Bob tonight but completely forgot that my husbands softball game is tonight. He has a double header beginning at 6 pm. I do not think I will make it back in time to run with Bob. I am happy to be there to support my husband, but I am just not used to it. He never has things to do. I actually signed him up to play with the church and he did a great job at their first practice. I just need to figure out how to get my run on around his games. This means that I probably will not be able to run on Tuesday nights.

No School

Speaking of figuring out how to get my run on, school is out for SUMMER starting Thursday. It will be more difficult to run since I will have two kids to manage. I am hoping to teach them to ride their bikes without training wheels so they can go faster. The negative is that my hilly neighborhood makes it hard to get them to want to ride a long time.

Last night I ran 3.7 miles with my friend J and we walked another mile to cool down. The steam rising off of the pavement after the rain was amazing. It was hot and steamy. We took it nice and easy. I was just aiming to get some miles in.

I wish running made me sleepy. When I run late, I tend to stay up late. I mentioned I have early risers, right? I mean before 6am risers. I need to figure out a way to run in the evening, but still go to bed early. Suggestions?


Marlene said...

Sounds like you will definitle ybe juggling your time in the coming months; hopefully you will be able to squeeze it all in!

Best of luck to your sister and her family on their new arrival!

Pam said...

Prayers sent up for you and your family! :)

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Praying all is well with your sister and the new little one and with you on your last day with BabyA.

Army Son used to ride his bike with me and I would push him up the hills but you have two to manage. It is a good thing you enjoy the early morning that may be when you'll have to run. Good luck figuring it all out.

Rad Runner said...

#1 Good vibes your way
#3 Better busy then board, and don't worry you will totally find a way to run, we ALWAYS do! :)

Kirsten said...

Been praying for Janet all day and last night too, can't wait to hear and see pictures of this precious little one. HUGS to everyone!!!

I think you will figure out how to fit your runs in too, you can get creative. And you do have a fabulous MIL. :) :) :)

When I work out late at night I tend to be wired and wide awake too. Maybe you can just get your kids to sleep later or come up with a morning routine that they can handle on their own for a little while so you can sleep??? What do I know? I'm kid-less!

Love you!

Kate said...

That's so neat you have a twin sister! I'll pray for a safe and easy delivery. SO very special that she is naming him after your brother. :)