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Sunday, June 13, 2010

198... REALLY?

I cannot believe that my followers have reached 198. THANK YOU for reading my babbles. THANK YOU for supporting me. THANK YOU for your advice especially when I ask you for it. THANK YOU for sharing your stories, goals, and successes with me through your blogs - it really encourages me. THANK YOU for entering my giveaways (one coming up btw). THANK YOU for making me feel like I am not talking to myself.

Saturday, Long Run

I had a busy Saturday morning, so I asked Bob (thinking he would say no) if he could run earlier - like 5:30. I was very surprised when he emailed me back and said he would pick me up at 5am (so he could stretch and warm-up). In my reply to him I admitted, that I WAS a morning person, but probably not at 5am. He said, "Well, we will just run in silence if we need to."

I set the alarm for 4:30 am. And like always, I watch the clock for fear that I will over sleep. I just decided to get up at 4:20 and turn my phone alarm off. I am doing my morning pee and then the ALARM went off. It literally made me jump off the potty. I did not want to wake hubby up, but I could not figure out how to stop the alarm... meanwhile I am standing with my undies around my ankle. TMI? I made the phone silent (by turning it to vibrate) and it kept going off. I finally just took the battery out. I was definitely awake this time.

I got dressed, took Dolce out (did NOT feed her since last Saturday she ate twice because my hubby did not see the note: DOLCE HAS BEEN FED on the fridge), and started to look for a little jacket (because it should be cool, right? The sun wasn't even awake), when I saw a car parked outside with their lights on. Sure enough... it was Bob - at my driveway, waiting for me at 4:45.

I think I said, "Good morning... you are early" but I am not entirely sure. It was a blur. We drove to our destination and for the 5 minute driving, I swore I was hearing subtle music. I was relieved when we arrived at Needwood Park, that Bob had a "Spa" CD (or station) on (he has a long commute and the soothing sounds help him to relax on the way home - have you driven in the NoVa, DC or MD area? Then you completely understand!). I was beginning to think I was crazy. We got out and stretched... the sky was just starting to get lighter.

After all of the marathon training advice and a much needed call from my family expert (I personally think you become an expert when your marathon numbers are in the double digits and when you've Iron(wo)maned). I started talking strategy with Bob. I asked if we could slow our long runs down and make them what they are supposed to be... long and slow. He agreed that we had been pushing it (probably my own fault since I start out fast). We agreed to run 8 and to take it slow. It felt good to run slower although it was harder.

I decided to wear Lola, but to try not to look at it for the time. The first two beeps, I admit... I did. But after that, I did not. But like our last long run, I made another mistake.

I had to pee at mile 6... and the porta potty wasn't until we got back to our car. I decided to just wait. It was the longest 2 miles ever. I stopped talking entirely. I secretly wanted to start sprinting so I could go. Well, 3 miles later (we actually ran 8.94 miles), we reached our stopping point and I kept running to The John! I was in pain. I knew that I should not have wait. Bob of course was sweet as usual and asked why didn't I tell him, he would have allowed me to "cop-a-squat"... but I think there was two factors.
  1. I was running with a guy and didn't want to "cop-a-squat"
  2. Not sure I would have done it if I was running with a chic either
We had some refreshing cold watermelon again (thanks to his wife Carol). Bob wanted my camera to take a pic of me enjoying the watermelon, but I did not bring my camera. So he took with with his cell phone. Not a bad picture with a cell phone. I kinda like how my shirt matches the watermelon. We did 8.94 miles in 1 hour 35 minutes which makes a 10:35 average. Only 30 second slower than our long run last Saturday.... but it is progress. I am pretty sure when I start running 15 miles plus, I will get the whole long, slow pace thing.

I am trying to decide if I should cute my hair. It is just the beginning of hot weather here in MD and I am not sure I will last all summer. I feel like shaving it all off (my daughter would cry though). It is in between - I know I should just be patient... it will be in a pony tail soon... probably by the marathon.

Well, the rest of the morning I was busy but in pain. It is not a good idea to hold it for 3 miles. I drank LOTS of water to flush my system. Every time I stood, I felt like I had to pee. My friends offered lots of advice like drink cranberry juice, but I am pleased to say that this morning, I feel 90% better. Lesson learned. I do not want to feel that way again.

How was your long run? I have seen some race reports. Racing today? I am praying for your safety and for you to be injury free as you close that finish line. God is good ALL THE TIME!


Anonymous said...

it's "cop-a-squat?" i always thought it was "pop-a-squat?" lol, i guess its like butt-naked/buck-naked! :-) you poor thing, how did you hold it? thats very impressive! but getting up so early to run is even more impressive!

RunnerMom said...

We would make good pace buddies! That's about my pace on my long run. Yes, anything over 13 tends to be slower. For me, 14-18 was usually an 11-minute pace and over 18 was closer to 11:15 or 11:30 pace. I only went to 20 two times. Then my marathon wound up at a 10:55 average pace, which I was thrilled about. Of course, it was a blessed day with great weather (in Alabama in February)conditions and a great course.

I have gotten used to "going" on the go. Corn fields work well around here.

misszippy said...

Bob sounds like a find! I probably would have held it too, since he's a guy, but wouldn't have thought twice about it with my pack of chicas.

Kate said...

you are too cute! i would have felt weird too with another man!
your timing is great. i slow down with longer miles too. i just end up feeling better afterward if i do.

I Run for Fun said...

Congratulations on your long run...and remarkable bladder control!

H Love said... are rocking that shirt and the watermelon. so happy you have found a running buddy! way to go!!

Michelle said...

I take a cranberry supplement to help with the bladder issues b/c the juice to so sugary and I can't drink no sugar added cranberry juice.

Way to go on the long run!

Kirsten said...

Okay too funny! I cannot begin to count how many times and strange places I have peed outside on a run and even sometimes when I was biking! When you "gotta' go, you gotta' go!" Bob seems like a running bud that could care less so next time, just go! :) Once last winter I had to go on the canal path underneath an overpass and my FIVE co-ed running buds just turned their backs until I was done. BTW you look incredible, back like your HS days sister! But even more beautiful is the person you are on the inside and this new love for an active lifestyle. And you give God all the glory, awesome.

momof3 said...

Well. I'm going to get the guts up to review the "pee while standing" contraption called Go Girl, and then, we'll both know if there had been another option for cop-a-squat. I personally would have done what you did. I don't pee in nature. Good job for slowing your pace. I think a 10:30 sounds like a perfect looooong slow distance pace, you know? But in the heat, over 15miles, I've been known to drop back to an 11 m/mi.

How was my run? Well, THEY were both good, as you know, but today my legs are sore & I'm going to be safe and do some cross...go for a walk and then do some Yoga. Have a beautiful day!

Marlene said...

Great job on your long run! That sure is early.

Lisa said...

You probably need to 'get over' the shyness and learn to go when you need to. Nobody really cares - we all do it!

Lauren said...

Great job sticking it out though!

Sarah said...

I can't "go" on the run either. The run to the bathroom is the worst!