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Friday, February 5, 2010

Running in a Winter Wonderland

We are expected to get 10+ inches of snow. I live in MD. We have had more snow this year than I can remember. I guess God wants me to learn to love the creation of snow. I do find it very difficult to enjoy cold weather. But since I am in "training", I will run.

My bum and thighs are sore from the P90X Plyometrics dvd. Of course my husband hasn't complained. I like it when my bum hurts from working out... maybe that means it is getting smaller.

We will be doing: Shoulders & Arms plus Ab Ripper X this evening... and since I did not get my 3-5 miles in yesterday, I hope to get it in this afternoon before the big snow storm. It is already snowing and the kids are getting out of school early. Maybe I will just get a babysitter and run around my neighborhood this afternoon. I need to get the mileage in.

Before I forget, my sister (really my sister-in-law), Kirsten, is a fabulous runner having completed tons of marathons, sprint-Tris, half ironmans, and became an IronMaiden this year at the Florida Ironman. She just posted a blog entry about running in the cold... check it out. She lived in Arkansas before moving to Rochester, NY so she has experienced the extremes of hot and cold.

Also, I was going bike shopping tomorrow, but I think the snow will prevent that from happening. It will give me more time to research.

What kind of bike do you ride for Tris? What bike did you start with? Any other advice about bike shopping?

Kirsten already gave me a list of things to get... but I am nervous. I do not know anything about bikes.


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I know nothing about bikes or snow :)


Have a great weekend, good work on the P90X

Renee said...

I think find a bike shop where you feel comfortable asking a lot of questions. This is a big investment so you will want to make sure you get what is right for you!

Jocelyn said...

Hey I went to RIT in rochester ny. I sympathize with your sister in law! NYC is suppose to get hit tonight/tomorrow. I am not looking forward to this either! Can't it just be spring!? Good luck with your run. Be safe, don't fall!

Teamarcia said...

Stay safe in that snow!
I have a great (I think) road bike, although I haven't (yet) done a tri. Can't believe I even said that. Crap I don't even know what kind it is, I'll go look: ok it's a Fuji. White w/racy black and red accents. I call her Blanche and I got her because she felt "right" when I tested her. This is the year of my duathlon. Really. I'm finally gonna do it. Sorry I guess I know nothing really about bikes.

Julie...aka...ROJ said...

I started with a nice hybrid in the like $600 range. I wanted to know I would stick to the sport, it was hard but it made me think of what I liked. Then I got a Specialized Dolce Comp which with all my extra's was about 1800 but it has WONDERFUL reviews (2008) and I ADORE it. I like that it's light and it's designed for a woman. Since I'm small too it's nice because I was able to get it in a smaller frame

Jenn said...

Enjoy the snow! I'm right on the edge of the storm - not sure if we're gonna get 2 inches or 10!

Kirsten said...

Good tips from everyone! I know you have my list already Jen so I won't repeat it. But I say get a road bike over a hybrid, you can definitely ride it with no problems. And you can find one in the 600 to 800 range that will be great. :) Reading reviews of different bikes is great too. I know of a website, I'll hunt it down...

RockStarTri said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I recommend a road bike over a tri bike over a mountain bike over a hybrid (I once heard hybrid described as the worst of both worlds) if you are buying. That being said, the best bike for you is one that fits you the best.

Finding a reputable bike shop is key. Most of the better bike shops will fit you properly as well as include one year of tune-ups in the price. Be comfortable with asking them questions. Which material will be based on your price range. which components as well. Which brand is less important as long as it is quality.

Feel free to mail me if you have any specific questions if you want.

Good luck!