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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Period. Aunt Flo. My Visitor.

If my girl Beth at Shut Up and Run! can spend a blog entry talking about poop, I think I should be allowed to talk about my period (sorry men!).

I do not know how some women do it. When my period comes, I have no energy. I had to force myself to do P90X tonight with the hubby (who did the entire Plyometrics DVD without stopping. I only gave it like 75% and stopped with 11 minutes remaining). And this morning, I only got in 2.5 miles instead of the 3-5 that I wanted. I kept asking my husband if he wanted to stop (you know, so I did not feel so bad), but he was SO good and kept going. My "tummy" aches, my cramps are awful... and all I want to do is sleep.

How do YOU push through and get your exercise in when your "Aunt Flo" comes to town?

I am going to curl up in my bed with a warm cup of tea!

I leave you with a picture of what my kids do while we are working out and how Dolce likes to participate... or "nip" at my hands during push ups.


WannabeRunner said...

Sorry you are feeling crummy - sometimes all you can do is just curl up & wait for it to pass!

PS. I love Dolce - she is precious!

Running Around Acres said...

I'm not going to comment on Aunt Flo but I will give you my advice on Disney.

1. Don't treat Disney as a race. Treat it like an adventure. Even if you have been there before adding the excitement you feel at a half or full with all the excitement that Disney offers can be overwhelming.

2. Don't expect to PR. See #1 above. Stop. Take pictures with the characters. Enjoy it.

3. Get lots of sleep. Buses from the hotels to Epcot starting running at 3am.

4. And have lots of fun.

Even with all the bad weather (and getting a cold) I had a great time. You will too.

Jocelyn said...

I am lucky that I rarely have issues, but when i do i normally pop some midol and put heat on my stomach. Also doing sit ups help. If you are super tied try to get some extra sleep and maybe some more energy boosting things like GU or sports beans. If that fails for me I normally ask one of my closest friends to remove my uterus. :D
Good luck!

Anonymous said...


lindsay said...

i found that when i ran/worked out the morning aunt flo came to town, i wouldn't feel as miserable. maybe you can try to workout in the mornings around when she visits again?

my gyno told me at my annual checkup last week that some women find they run faster during those few days of the month. yeah, nothing like chatting about running while you are having the inspection done!

Just Jinny said...

Hello! I noticed you started following my blog...thanks so much. I came for a visit and what do I see, adorable pug. I have a pug mix named Lola. She is my little workout helper. She gives me lots of encouragement (i.e. licks) when I'm on the floor doing crunches.