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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Its been a while

Have you been wondering where I have been? Well, I decided to "live" for a little while. I have not been exercising twice a day. I have not been eating the same diet as before. I have even had some birthday cake... but guess what, I have lost another 7 pounds.

Why? How? Well, I think the key word is moderation. I also think that becuase our trainers work so hard for us to strengthen our core and increase our metabolism, I have been able to "live" and not gain any weight.

Well, that is not exactly the truth either. I have gained some weight. In fact, I took a girls weekend away with some college friends that I had not seen in years. I really "lived" that weekend and came home 3 lbs heavier. I was slightly disappointed in myself, but I just got back on track. Ate my egg whites and spinach for breakfast, had my turkey breasts and snap peas for lunch and snacked on almonds in between meals. And low and behold, a week later, I lost those 3 lbs. It just takes motivation.

The bad news is that I am leaving on vacation tomorrow. I plan to avoid the same traps as before by:

1. Packing my breakfast. We will surely stop at McDonald's on the way since we are leaving at dawn, so I have my egg whites already made (I boiled the eggs this time) and will bring brocolli to eat too along with lots of water.

2. I am packing a lot of our food so we only eat out for dinner sometimes. I have great, easy snacks for me to grab when I have a craving. This way, if I want to splurge and have an ice cream on the boardwalk, I can.

3. I plan to get up with the kids and take them out to the beach and "run". I won't be getting miles in, but it will keep me active. Maybe even hit the weight room in the condo.

Stay tuned for my next update. As of August 31st, I will be watching a friend's baby and won't be able to go to the gym with her. So... I am going to be creative and continue to maintain or even lose without going to the gym.

Also, I have to thank the ladies in my neighborhood who have jumped on board to walk with me almost nightly to keep me motivated - K, A, R, D, and E!


Janet said...

sounds like a great plan. you can still go to the gym after the kids are down... thats what I have been doing. I have been running 2 miles at least 4 times a week. I love the way i feel now even though the lbs are not coming off very fast.. I still have more energy.