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Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Swimming Secret

It isn't a huge secret that I LOVE to swim. I really enjoyed it... a LOT, until I had a plan to follow. Swimming miles, endless laps in a pool, without company, can be boring.

Around Christmas, I saw a Living Social deal for H2O Audio and took the deal. I got the: Interval 4G Waterproof Headphone System for iPod shuffle HERE (and one for a friend) and I have to say, I was VERY skeptical.


1. Would it leak... I surely did not want to ruin my shuffle... I mean... you do not get a second chance with electronics and water, right?

2. Would it be cumbersome? It looked bulky and not exactly what I wanted on the back of my goggles.

3. Would I actually be able to hear the music? Headphones while running can even be difficult to hear music... but under water?


1. I haven't had a leak yet. Actually, it is quite easy to manipulate. The first thing the instructions ask you to do is to submerge the set in water for 30 minutes to verify there aren't any leaks before adding the shuffle. And since we all know how over the top I am, I did it for 3 days. It was COMPLETELY dry inside. So, I tested it live and still have a working shuffle after a month.

2. It isn't cumbersome at all. The ONLY time I even think about it's size is when I first put the goggles on. It is so light weight that I do not even realize it is on when I am swimming.

3. Oh, I am "Rolling in the Deep" for sure. I love it. I am not sure I can swim without it now. I do get some stares, probably from the jealous swimmers who wish they had one, but it is definitely a good thing. I have different playlists depending on the type of swim workout I am doing and occasional, while resting, you can catch me dancing in the water. Note: I have found that the sound quality it much better when my ears are dry, meaning, I put the headphones in and do not remove them until the workout is over. There is a very handy pause button that is very easy to manipulate when you need to hear someone talking to you (or in my case, questioning my dance moves).

Are you looking for a waterproof device and already have a shuffle? This is your solution. If you don't have a shuffle and want to swim with one, I did find several companies that takes the shuffles and makes them waterproof for an extra $20 (meaning: shuffle $ + H2O Audio headset + $20, but you will need waterproof headphones). Even have it on Amazon HERE.
I must confess, my love of swimming, especially long workouts alone... have NEVER been the same!

Just keep swimming....


BigHappyFamily said...

I purchased a SwiMP3 for my Iron man training SIL for Christmas and she loves it. I may need to borrow it ... music while I swim sounds fabulous.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

That sounds so cool. Glad it is making your swimming even more fun!

christa said...

that sounds cool!

Pam said...



Jill said...

I got one a month ago and LOVE it! Way better than I though it would or could be! Woohoo...